Busoga queen in first public appearance

On February 23, the Queen of Busoga Kingdom, Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi made her first public appearance, three months after the royal wedding. The purpose of this was to address her subjects and launch a series of her priority projects for the kingdom.

Mutesi kicked off the afternoon by launching her tree-planting initiative where more than two million trees are expected to be planted. The queen will also rally Busoga subjects to actively participate in the government’s Parish Development Model, contributing to noble development efforts in the region.

The Inhebantu also took part in other traditionally symbolic activities including tending to a banana plantation and preparing a local dish. She also gave her first public address to the subjects, where she briefed them about the norms of a good family in Busoga.

She said a good home must have a mother and father as the leaders and children who respect their parents and obey the laws that govern the home. The queen also hinted on the importance of food security for every family, saying all families must have enough food for consumption and surplus for sale in order to earn money for healthcare and education.

Queen Mutesi also urged women to be disciplined and hardworking, which she said was one sure way of developing Busoga Kingdom.


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