DJ Pofia Nankya – the introverted turntable assassin X

DJ Pofia is one of Uganda’s few female DJs, and she has been in the game for 12 years, starting in 2012.

Pofia Nankya was born to Christine Tumwesigye and Absalom Kusemererwa in Kampala. She attended Masindi Army Primary School, Wampewo Ntake Secondary School, and Baptist High School. After completing A-Level, she lost interest in continuing her studies and decided to pursue a career as a DJ.

How it all started

Pofia began her DJing career at Punchline nightclub in Kabalagala under the guidance of Boaz Shani, the club’s owner.

She learned how to DJ by watching other DJs perform, and eventually a friend told her about an opening for a female DJ at Punchline. She attended the event, took over the DJ booth, and after her session, she was hired. With Boazi’s guidance, she gained experience before moving to T1, a bar located in the Industrial Area.

It was at T1 that Pofia established herself as a skilled and respected DJ. She started receiving bookings for various events and parties. She later joined Club Vernon, where she emerged as arguably the best female DJ in Uganda in 2013.

Force behind deejaying

Pofia says her love for music and the desire to prove herself to those who underestimated her were the driving forces behind her passion for deejaying.

“I am passionate about music and want to make a mark in the entertainment industry. Since I couldn’t sing, I chose deejaying,” she explained. She also notes that many women are hesitant to pursue deejaying as a career despite its potential for both financial success and fame.

“When I first started deejaying, people underestimated me, but I am making progress and gaining recognition because of my skills on the turntable.”


Pofia, despite not being a singer, has found that being a DJ has its advantages. She mentions that it has helped her achieve a lot, most notably being able to build her own house. She has also made many new friends through deejaying and has been able to buy her plot of land. However, she states that her ultimate goal is to open her own DJ and music school someday.

Where she has played

In her 12 years of DJing, Pofia has performed at various venues such as Punchline, T1, Club Venom, Pofia, Club Play, Venon, Nexus in Najjera, Club Ambiance, Amnesia, Diners Lounge, Kadanke Annual Party, Purple Party, Kampala Street Jam, and was a frequent DJ at Spark TV. These experiences have helped her establish numerous contacts and gain valuable experience.


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