From having low self-esteem to running a thriving cake business

Low self-esteem is something many people disregard while those experiencing it are often in self-denial. However, what separates one group from the other is the ability to pick yourself up and purposing to fight and make it.

When Daisy Mafabi started baking, she was going through a difficult time. She was experiencing depression and would often suffer from anxiety and overwhelming emotions. She was also scared to fail and most importantly, worried sick that she may not live up to her parents’ expectations.

“I knew I didn’t want this phase of my life to be the downfall of everything I had ever dreamed and hoped for as well as the good life I admired to live. I love to eat cake, so I thought why not learn to bake my own cakes,” Mafabi narrates.

Daisy Mafabi is the founder of Cake by Daisy, an outstanding cake baking business located in Kyaliwajjala.

“My parents would always buy for us cakes for our birthdays and other celebrations but sometimes, these would not be as tasty as we expected. So, I talked my parents into allowing me to bake cakes for such family occasions at a fee. Eventually, I also started baking cakes for other relatives and friends who all loved my cakes and encouraged me to go bigger,” Mafabi explains.

Mafabi says her motivating factor has always been the need to eat freshly baked and flavoursome cake, and when she got the opportunity to learn how to bake, she took it up and learnt the basics within a week.

“When I started, I was excited. My family was supportive all through and kept complimenting every cake I baked. Later, my friends started recommending me to their contacts and that is how I started Cake by Daisy,” she adds.

With the help of these recommendations, Mafabi started making use of YouTube videos to learn better designs and how to bake different cakes and mix flavours. Having already mastered the basics of baking, all she needed was extra lessons on design and how to make fondant cakes.

“I am proud to say I’m now a pro,” she boasts.


The price of the smallest cake is shs50,000 for an 8-inch cake. Prices vary for other cakes depending on size, flavour and custom design.

From baking cakes, she has also learnt to make other sweet and savoury products like cookies, donuts, scones, samosas and pizza among others which have all boosted her income tremendously. She also managed to start a programme where she makes morning and weekend sales around her neighbourhood and for this, she employs her younger sister.

“This business kept me quite busy especially after campus and mostly during the lockdown. I have been able to make a decent amount of money and it is this money I am using to grow my business,” she says.

However, like all businesses, she has faced some challenges.

“The market is wide but there is a lot of competition. Getting people to trust you with their orders especially when advertising online is not easy since most of them already have their trusted bakers. Referrals from family and friends have helped a lot and also those who trust us with their orders always come back and bring other customers,” she explains.

In order to be successful in business, Mafabi says one needs a strong passion and motivation for whatever business they are engaged in since it will keep them moving even through tough times. Also, proper planning, budgeting and willingness to accept criticism and learn from mistakes are key attributes of a thriving business person.

Our cakes are always fresh as we bake only on order. They are always customized to clients’ needs and likes with even the smallest cake made with utmost care and love to satisfy customer needs,” she adds.

On her future plans, Mafabi says she is striving to become a cake artist and hopes to bake and decorate the most complex and amazing cakes.