Here is how to make and stick to your New Year resolutions

Yes, it is that time of the year, once again, where we resolve to do things differently. Creating goals is an amazing way to better ourselves. However, in a time where uncertainty looms owing to COVID-19, the pressure to change how things have been is immense, moreover we always desire to see tangible change. In order to make it and keep it, here a few pointers:

Be realistic

It is beautiful to want to become better; leaving a bad habit for a good one. That said, Ivy Namirembe, a business woman says what helps her is being real with what she is setting before her.

“The issue is not that we are incapable of following through with our set goals but we ought to find out the feasibility of fulfilling them if we are to be successful. For example, if you are an alcoholic, setting a goal of stopping to drink is somewhat unreal because this is a phased journey. The best goal is cutting back to five, from 10 bottles a day. That way, the pressure is manageable.”

Find support

Oftentimes, breaking a habit or picking up one is not as easy as we envision it to be. That is why Aloysius Mugabe, a life coach says having a support group is imperative.

“If you desire to start exercising, joining a sporting group, say at your gym will help you be accountable and thus committed. Doing it alone leaves room for making excuses leading to failure.”

Prepare to execute the goal

Mind sets can enable the fulfilment or failure of a goal. As such, Namirembe says one ought to mentally prepare how to execute the stated goal. “If you desire to break a habit or create one, you need to prepare yourself. For example, if you want to add fasting to your lifestyle, preparation would require that you start with cutting back on what you are currently consuming. That is easier than plunging into fasting from a lifestyle of eating four heavy meals a day. In so doing, your mind will easily accept when you do a 6-6 fast.”

Take baby steps

Taking us back to dealing with alcoholic tendencies, reducing a bottle at a time is more achievable than drastically cutting alcohol out of your life. Mugabe says it is beautiful to deal with alcoholic tendencies but it must be done in chewable chunks.

“That way, you ensure sustainability and avoid getting back at the habit so hard. That is because when dealing with addictions, breaking a habit is not as easy as it sounds and there is a possibility of rebounding hard when failure happens.”

Be specific

There is victory in being specific about what you desire to achieve in the New Year. Namirembe says if one desires to spend less in 2022, it helps to get details about what the goal is and how you will execute it. “For example, I will spend less by preparing my meals rather than eating out. Being specific helps one to stay focussed because delving in the ‘how’ puts ambiguity out of the picture setting you on a course that you can easily follow.”

Write your goals

The Bible tells us to write the vision because when something is written, one can always refer to it. Mugabe says this creates a greater sense of accountability and betters the level of accomplishment.

“When a goal stays in one’s mind, it can be tweaked to suit the circumstances, forgotten or even dumped. However, when written where one can easily see or refer to them, running with them is easier.”