How to get rid of that baby weight

Unlike the old times when new mothers were advised to concentrate on the baby, allowing the infant to feed well, keep off infections and receive enough care and love, today women are encouraged to keep fit and in shape even in the prime weeks of the labour.

It just another generation of elevating stereotypes and standards, which do not exclude new mothers, even after undergoing life threatening procedures like Caesarean section. The world expects you to snap back in shape in the shortest frame of time.

This usually prompts young mothers to succumb pressure to lose weight immediately after giving birth which at times affects the health of the new born baby one way or another.

Dr. Richard Aruho highlights that nursing mothers are still fragile, and need to take caution when returning to using heavy gym equipment.

“Women always seem to be pressured to lose the baby weight so fast, that most of them run to gyms with trainers who don’t understand the dynamics of birth and end up lifting heavy weights which are not recommended for a healing mother,” he says.

Keke Palmer an American actress who gave birth this February has been a topic of debate, among women on the internet wondering how she snapped out of baby weight so fast.

In a media interview she responded advising new mothers to embrace, and appreciate what makes them happy during the journey.

‘’The main thing I can say to any new mom is do what you can when you can, whatever it is that makes you feel good,’’ she said.

However, Keke Palmer’s fitness trainer Corey Calliet told the media that, the actress returned to gym after birth and started off with lifting weights and strength training, and achieved very fast results, the reason she is back to her normal routine looking shiny and new.

We carefully put together some effective tips to help you shed that baby weight as desired.

Snack healthy only

As a person feeding another human, you’re likely to find yourself picking on different snacks now and then. It is usually what is close or near your seat. So, make sure you keep healthy snacks around for example fruit yoghurts, green smoothies, sliced watermelon, nuts and more.

Breastfeed your baby

There are many conspiracies about child birth, breast feeding and weight gain. But breastfeeding is healthy for any mother and scientists have proven that breastfeeding burns several calories. This makes it possible for you to shape your waistline while keeping your baby fed and healthy.

You must walk

Instead of spending hours watching television and binging Netflix, take a walk. Walking may seem like a slow yielding process but it is the best for any nursing mother. Exercising helps firm your body, ease stress and gives energy for the day. If your baby is restless, put him/her in a stroller and walk. You can start from thirty minutes and increase pace accordingly.

Reduce the portions

The secret is to eat small, regular meals and ensure that everything on your plate is healthy and of good benefit to your body. Don’t skip meals especially breakfast and lunch because that will lead to over snacking. Feed on foods that give you energy and keep you fuller for longer periods.

Hydrate intentionally

Drink enough water because firstly your nursing and secondly because having a glass or two will help you feel fuller and hence eat less portions assisting in your weight shedding journey.

Find a team

Whereas it is possible to set personal goals and achieve them, it is even easier when you have a support team. People that share the same experience and push you to lose the excess kilos, while helping you be a better mom. Honestly two heads are better than one and the more the merrier. Consider joining a ‘mom group’ especially one that has new mothers for support.

Keep positive

Nothing brings quick results like a renewed mind. Being a new mom, you’re bound to experience numerous changes both in body and environment. Having a little infant waiting to feed off you and the constant crying, may send you into a rabbit hole and make every effort seem useless. Whatever keeps you motivated, utilise it but don’t allow negative thinking.


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