Meet the CEO – Mona Muguma Ssebuliba

“I am a strong and effective senior leader with a wealth of experience and a record of sustained excellence in investment management, resource mobilisation, process improvements, operations management and strategic reporting. I have a gift for expertly engaging with diverse stakeholders and skilfully managing relationships with external and internal business partners,” her LinkedIn bio reads in part.

Meet Mona Muguma Ssebuliba, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at aBi Finance Limited.

Responsible for steering the strategic agenda of growth and transformation of the organisation, the appointment is the latest after several other roles within the organisation including Chief Operating Officer (COO) where she demonstrated consistency in leadership and execution capabilities. Prior to joining aBi, Ssebuliba held the role of Head of Asset Management and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Africa Alliance Uganda Limited, an investment banking group operating in Africa. Here, her impeccable performance saw her rise through the ranks.

She was also the Regional Head of Programmes (Africa) with Akina Mama Wa Afrika, an International PanAfrican Non-Government Development Organisation for African Women. Here, she led a team making a strong impact across the African continent. One of the fruits of her hard work was the retention of donors in an economic season of funding withdrawal.

“I have made a strong business impact and inspired teams within my department and across the wider business for all organisations I have worked for, leading to my assignment of general management responsibilities and leadership of strategic projects,” she says.

Ssebuliba holds a Masters in Business Administration from Edinburgh Business School and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from Makerere University Business School. She has also undertaken several trainings such as Securities and Investment Analysis training from Johannesburg School of Finance, Leadership Development from Gordon Institute of Business Studies and Female Future Leadership training from the Federation of Uganda Employers, among others.