Safety: Reasons why you should track your car

According to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), there were “approximately1 million vehicles in Uganda as at end March 2018.” This means the number has doubled in 4 years; these numbers are not inclusive of unlicensed cars.

A news report by the Observer published in 2020 shows that a total of700 vehicles have been stolen from Uganda and taken to DR Congo. And only two cars are known to have been taken to Rwanda. In 2019, 2018 and 2017, a total of 2,413 vehicles were stolen in Kampala metropolitan area according to statistics by the Criminal Investigations Directorate.

Vanessa Kagiimu, a co-founder of See World Limited, a car tracking company based in Uganda, says that car theft has become a common issue in Uganda and like insurance, ensuring car safety is very important.

“We install tracking devices in cars, which enable users to access the car’s activities on phone or computer. The device also enables the user to monitor the speed and access the GPS location in real time,” she said.

She further advised that for mothers, who send children to school with drivers; this is a good safety measure for their children.

Whereas a car has become a necessity, and car theft on the increase, it is important to ensure safety of your car and users at all times. Family and business cars support so much of our transport and errands, and must be kept secure.

How does it work?

Kagiimu goes on to explain that, “See World Limited’s tracking device systems gather data and live location and make it available for the owner through the phone or computers. The tracker uses a GPS system to gather satellite data and transmit it to your mobile.”

Their system also generates daily, weekly and monthly trip reports, enables engine cut in case of an emergency, and gives a speed alert and fuel management advice.

Apart from theft, here are some concrete reasons why a car tracker should be installed.

It helps you save on car insurance

A car tracker will save you the back-and-forth expense with an insurance company. How? Because you can monitor your car’s safety, you skip scenes of car theft, since the tracker gives you an opportunity to stop your car in case of suspicious activity and you can easily locate it in real time.

Helps to save on fuel and management costs

You may have heard of quack drivers who ask for fuel money after every return journey. With a tracking device, you will be able to monitor the driver’s behaviour and movements.  This way, you can fuel the car accordingly and keep the driver in check in regards to maintenance.

There is a valuable amount of safety

When a tracking device is installed, however busy you are, the device will alert your insurance company in case of an accident of head on collision. The company will then contact police immediately. This way, you can easily save lives and your car.

It encourages caution and careful driving

Do you have friends who borrow cars and return them when they have traffic bills and mechanic stay days? This is an easy way to control them, since the tracking device allows you to monitor speed and activity at all times. You can easily keep the driver in check. Also, because humans are cautious when being watched, your careless friend will adjust so as not to damage the car in any way.

Children lock themselves in cars all the time; a tracking device will make it easier in such a situation.

While the benefits of installing a tracking device are numerous, it is important to find a good tracking company and also hear from your insurance company on how much you will save.