The best 2023 wedding trends breaking the internet

Are you thinking big or small wedding? Whatever it is, you probably need some ideas and inspiration. In this article you will find some tips and guidelines to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

The best day of any couple’s life is their wedding. This day means a lot most especially for the bride, entirely because women invest more energy and interest in weddings than males even when the budget is usually is extended to the groom.

Rose Frasse a recently wedded bride says that weddings are the best thing that can happen to any couple in love.

“Being joined in Holy Matrimony makes the difference. It means you’re officially allowed to live life together and have a life partner,’’ she says.

From minimalist to maximalist weddings, the year 2023 has revealed many new trends. In 2021, popular couple Canary and Sasha’s had a luxury wedding with a significant number of guests. About a month ago, the internet went loud with a micro wedding in the wild. Interesting how couples are now looking to micro but intimate weddings more than before.

Here are the popular wedding trends of 2023;

Custom made aisle weddings

Looking for a creative way to add color and a personal touch to your big day, you got it. These are very common among couples that love a perfect wedding. Couples who choose this type of wedding are usually very intentional. This may go as far as a bride planting her aisle flowers six months prior to ensure that she gets exactly what she wants. For any couple intending to do this, plan early enough and let your decorator know exactly what you want.

Colour palette weddings

Unlike in the past where weddings were all white, nowadays couples take time to look at color pallets. Rare natural colours are preferred since the goal is to be unique and different. For instance, burnt orange, deep shades of red, orange and sea green among others is the colour palette for a rustic themed wedding. The colours are usually chosen for the bridesmaid dresses, décor and outdoor gardens as they pair perfectly with nature.

Embroidered Gown and veils

Ooh how beautiful embroidered gowns look! The touch of originality, the traces of purity – it’s all in the details. Now more than ever brides are choosing embroidered gowns and veils for the sense of beauty and uniqueness. With an embroidered gown, there is allowance for adjustment and the bride can be assured of getting the gown of her dreams. The embroidery can include coloured beads and tropical flowers among others. Such a wedding must have a good steady budget because designers charge more for custom made gowns.

Transformable wedding dress

Say goodbye to changing dress and the extra budget that comes with it. Transformable wedding dresses are made in such a way that the bride can get rid of a piece, sleeve or a layer allowing her to have different looks thought the day. This is becoming very common since couples are looking to sustainable and manageable budgets.

Retro inspired wedding cake theme

A cake being a major part of a wedding, couples give special attention when it comes to such weddings. Generally, the couple chooses an era to honour; it could be the 60’s or 90’s depending on what the era means to them. The baker is given the specifics and the cake includes extra frosting and toppings. Some couples even opt for a weed cake as the centre cake and this is becoming a thing. In future we might see wedding cakes that depict cities, history or a certain music genre.

Custom portrait photography weddings

You have heard of 360 weddings, weddings on live reels among others. The era of Instagram and TikTok cannot let a wedding go past without being trapped. Nowadays, couples plan pre and post wedding photo-shoots inclusive of reel videos. Even on the big day, some couples discourage their guests from taking phone pictures because there is an extra budget for portrait photography and reels.

Other popular and upcoming trends include;

  • Private last dance
  • Wedding maximalism
  • Bridesmaids in suits
  • Coloured wedding dress

Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, make sure you have enough time and funds to plan it. It is one thing to want and another to afford. Inform your entourage and service providers three months prior so that the details are well catered for. Overall, accept that it does not have to be perfect and enjoy the day without trying to fix everything.


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