Tips on dressing the hourglass shape

In decades or centuries past, many coveted the corset to achieve an hourglass shape. Think of the discomfort that those women in heavy fabric clothes endured while trying so hard to look elegant. So, any woman with the hourglass shape should know that it is surely sought after.

For those unaware of their body shape, wondering if it is hourglass or not, Alvin Kisuule, a fashion designer says to know whether you have an hourglass figure, you must have; a well-defined waist, similar measurements for your bust and hips, upper body length similar to leg length, a fuller bust, thighs and hips. We can summarily say that your body is curvy.

When finding the ideal clothes for this body shape, he says two important factors must be taken into account; it is okay and ideal to show off your lovely shape and you ought to define your waist. With this exquisite body shape you have, the amazing curves, get clothes that accentuate rather than hide them. Kisuule goes on to break down how to dress this body shape.


Nothing buggy will work for this shape and with tops, it is all about highlighting your neckline and waist. Moreover, the body shape allows for structured and customised outfits. Additionally, the curves are well balanced implying that whatever you choose to wear, be it a t-shirt or suit, should be well fitting. That said, peplum blouse, wrap tops, custom-made tops with ample chest room as well as all things boat, v and round neck will do. Other options include clichéd-in waistline and form-fitting tops.

While there is less strictness regarding sleeve length, it is better that one sticks to elbow-length sleeves.

Jacket or blazer

Just like with tops, whatever layering you add to your upper body ought to show off your waist. In that regard, a trench coat, fitting blazer, and bomber jackets with elastic waistbands are enviable choices.

Boxy styles should never make it to your wardrobe because they hide all the good things about this shape.


Dresses love the hourglass shape, more so wrap dresses as well as the fit and flare. This is because they beautifully play with the curves and slim waist. With this body, you will also do well with empire waist dresses as they accentuate the slim waist while allowing the curves to have free reign.

That said, you need to steer clear of flowing dresses lest you have a belt to bring out one of your most prized assets, the slim waist. Therefore, when uncertain about how loose a dress is, belt up.

Other dress types to kick out or never bring to your closet are baby doll dresses, shapeless dress or anything oversized.

Mind the hemline

In this regard, you have several options to pick from. For example, if you love your legs, then something somewhat short will suffice. However, if you desire to cover up some more, then dresses and skirts that stop right below your knees are a great pick. For that maxi dress, something simple with soft outlines in strong and dark colours will work for you.

Bottoms (jeans, pants, and khakis)

Get yourself that hip-hugging pair of pants, be it a high waist, or floor-sweeping and waltz away. You can also wear stretchy skinny jeans, leggings or a jumpsuit as long as it is not buggy.


Add necklaces to your collection but ensure that it is something that comes up to your collarbone or slightly below. A slim belt will also work better than a thick one while a purse or clutch helps to add to your curves’ delicate look.

We all have different shapes and if this is not yours, or partly speaks of your body make up, you may think of finding out about others and mixing to ensure you find something that works for you.