5 things to get a hold of this New Year


The top resolution is to save money as it is a very important aspect of our existence. Most things require money be it a good life, healthcare, education and all the necessities of wellbeing. How you plan for your money determines how much you accumulate or lose. Now that the year is beginning, we are ushering in a new start consider being in charge of your money responsibly. These steps will guide you on a good money management journey in the year 2023.

  1. Create a budget
  2. Manage your debts
  3. Invest in profit making assets
  4. Prepare for the unexpected
  5. Protect your money from people who don’t know its value


Over and over again parents remind their children to always be in control of their tongue. They don’t mean keeping the tongue tied literally, but being careful how much they say, when, how and to whom. Knowing when to talk is a very important virtue of a mature person and may save you a lot of misunderstandings and drama. Situations may lead you to utter statements that are hurtful but think about the consequences first. This year, let your mouth speak only good things. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

  1. Listen more and speak less
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions
  3. Don’t consider the first response that comes to your mind, think again
  4. Evaluate how much time you have spent talking
  5. Apologise when you are in the wrong


Did you know that the mind controls the entire body, especially how you react to situations and environments? You have probably had people say to each other ‘you have a dirty mind’ after showing them a picture of something. The mind can influence possibility and negativity; it can stir trouble and lead to excitement or happiness. This year, being in control of your mind should be prioritised. Some of these tips will inspire a healthy positive mindset.

  1. Practise meditation
  2. Include positive affirmations every morning
  3. Avoid toxic people and environments
  4. Take a pause from social media and enjoy nature
  5. Breathe


Is it possible for one to control your emotions? Yes, it is if you acknowledge the importance and need to. Think of your emotions as a switch, you switch on and off, make sure you’re turning on the positive ones. Negative emotions can lead to loneliness, low self-esteem and even worse, depression. If this is something you have included in your 2023 board, these tips will guide you.

  1. Take care of yourself/ self-love
  2. Find out what your feeling, the triggers and journal them down
  3. Find mood uplifting hobbies
  4. Take walks, bask in the sun
  5. Have a healthy diet
  6. Maintain healthy, supportive environments


The muscles work hand in hand with the mind, which controls the body. This means that for the body to function properly, it must have great control of the muscles. To keep your muscles healthy is very simple. Ensure you are physically active, get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet. Kegel exercises are useful for both women and men in strengthening pelvic muscles and can be your starting point. Overall, your entire body requires strength to function properly, which is why body workouts and control should be on your list this