A new perfume, book? Why every woman should have their own shopping list

For so long, women have had to take care of others while barely looking on the inside to find out what they want or desire. After several heartaches this year, many of which would have drowned you, it is time to look on the inside and make yourself happy. No, it is not selfish, you are simply refuelling, something you have looked to others for.

However, on many occasions, they have not done certain things the way you would have ideally wished. Therefore, while courtesy required that you be thankful, you cringed within. Cringe no more. This Christmas, we share what you might need. Feel free to drop off some items and add others. At least, we will be thankful that you looked within to know what suits you and what does not.

Jewellery organiser

From ear pins, chains, to necklaces, chances are your jewellery will either get lost, drop or chain and necklaces will get tangled up. However, with an organiser, there is space enough for all the pieces and the pain of seeing only one earring when you are rushing for a meeting will be dealt with. “Ensure that it has enough compartments so that every item has ample space, even room for more,” Eunice Kyarisiima, a beautician, advises.


Nothing is as exciting as putting your legs up and snuggling in a corner with a good book. Therefore, this Christmas, indulge yourself by adding some books to your collection. Do not be shy to tell someone that desires to gift you about that Shs500,000 worth autobiography you have longed to have but failed to buy. Being bold about what you desire will get you more out of life,” Remmie Kisuule, an avid reader shares.


Every woman loves to smell good so perfume must make it to the list. Elsie Kikomeko, a perfume fanatic says during this season of loving and gifting, do not feel shy about asking for your favourite perfume. “Take time to pick what you desire so that you enjoy using it. There is a danger in trying to be modest thus picking a cheaper alternative.  Not only will you be displeased, you will never value it.”

Makeup brushes

A stroke here and another there, applying makeup ought to be effortless and amazing. That is why adding makeup brushes to your list makes sense. “The years of using sponges to apply foundation and the like are behind us. The new thing is make-up brushes as these easily allow one to appreciate what they are doing more. For those that have had these brushes for a while, replacing them would not hurt,” Kyarisiima shares.

A journal

It is said that women store lots of information in their heads. However, rather than overwhelm your mind, sometimes with thoughts so toxic they destabilise your mental health, get somewhere to pour your heart out on paper. “A journal helps to relieve stress and strain because you download from your mind to the paper. Moreover, rather than share your pains with others who later gossip about you, you have the opportunity to pour it all in a book. That is why a journal and a beautiful looking pen- one that draws you in must make it to your list,” Kisuule shares.

So, as you take care of all other family list, remember to also take care of yourself. And of course, this is not all that you will need. Feel free to edit the list to add what you need more or remove what you might not need. The most important thing is not to let your needs get lost in all the noise. Merry Christmas!