Angela Kemi – Omeke

While she discovered her talent, as a creative person, at five years, Angela Kemi-Omeke chose to be a housewife for 10 years. “My creativity started with playing the violin coupled with dad encouraging me to always think outside the box.” That said, nurturing her children was also as important that she did not allow the interior décor ideas to overpower the need to raise her children right. With that, Kemi opened up a décor shop.

Owing to her love for parenting, Kemi also joined a group of five amazing women on Bump Love that are transforming the conversation of motherhood in Uganda. The topics shared range from, yet are not limited to pregnancy, school choice, work, marriage, and relationships.  Through Bump Love, a community of Ugandan mothers was created to support each other.

This two-time StarQt Awards nominee is also the proprietor of Pink Coconut, a décor empire that will make any wedding or occasion a superb destination.

The multitalented Kemi is also multi-cultural for she is of Tanzanian and Ugandan descent. As a housewife, Pink Coconut was a child to nurture her super active mind and in this space, she curates peculiar mind-blowing experiences for her clients. It was also because she realised that she could not let her biggest selling point- unique style and creativity disappear into oblivion.

Kemi is not afraid to go where others have not been thus flying the Ugandan flag as far as Kenya, South Sudan, DRC, and Tanzania. Even here, she has been appreciated as one that crafts beautiful ambient creations. The ability to allow strategy to combine with creativity is what continues to make Kemi a custodian of events and décor in Uganda.

If that is not amazing enough, Kemi also shares her craftsmanship with young and aspiring creatives through the Kemi Omeke Apprenticeship program. Here, she mentors many to work hard and achieve their dreams. Kemi believes that even in the face of limitations, one’s mind can still dream, create and share their creations. Additionally, apprenticeship allows for change and thinking outside the box, something essential in this ever changing world.

However, the journey has had its ups and downs, one of which was the great recession. “When it hit, the dollar plummeted and luxury goods were no longer selling as before.” That meant that orders for her kind of décor that goes beyond ordinary was taking a back seat. However, the saying, ‘There is a silver lining in every black cloud’, came true for Kemi. In the midst of the dark situation, the ray of the hope was when Shell Uganda chose to contract her services as they celebrated 100 years in Uganda. “I was contracted to refurbish their front offices. That was followed by a contract to do décor for the after-party. That helped me in making a decision on what to do going forward because I knew that there was no looking back. My CV was colourful and I knew my future was in event planning and I was not looking back.”

Oftentimes, clients do not appreciate the value of working with professionals for their events but Kemi says that be it a showcase, launch or wedding, a professional events manager is a must have.

“It is essential that you work with one who not only has the skill but an eye for detail and distinctly understands what you need and executes it. This person or agency must also have great interpersonal skill. Otherwise, how else will they interact with the key people in order to get what they need? It is ensuring that you go all out in delivering with skill and heart.”