Are women more misogynistic than men?

Over the years, feminism has taken shape and yielded results in regards to women empowerment; which was the original plan. However, today, a lot has been altered and many synonyms of the same word have been created in disguise.

Whereas feminism was purely intended to fight for the rights of all women, today it is being used against women. Some women are now fighting fellow women instead of fighting for them.

It is shocking that a woman that acts more masculine will be pushed to the wall and face the wrath in a generation that claims to appreciate inclusivity and equality.

It is all over the internet; women hate and belittle fellow women more than men. A woman will post a video of herself highlighting something or giving a view and the comments will go off with ugly, bitchy, high maintenance and these are from fellow women.

What is even more interesting is that men generally don’t hate on other men, no matter the circumstance. They support a brother, stick together and spend more time with each other unlike women.

They say women are naturally competitive but can we make this healthy competition? Hating on fellow women because of insecurities, achievements and jealousy is just sad. Tearing each other down may meet societal standards but if we are talking empowerment and change, it should end now.

Here are some ways we can be better together:

  • Celebrate each other’s victories

A community is built on supporting one another to grow together. If we are going to be women that are empowered, we must build togetherness and anchor it on embracing and celebrating each other.

  • Mentor and sponsor younger women.

Successful career oriented women should find pride in mentoring and sponsoring younger women. This is because it is better to do it when they are younger, so that they are rooted. When women are mentored early, it is easier to empower others.

  • Provide entrepreneurial and financial literacy

Most often women who have no chance to work or access formal work are financially constrained. To better their situation, financial education and awareness is vital. Encouraging fellow women to be creative and entrepreneurial, while teaching them financial literacy is key.

  • Find things to accomplish together

Women saving groups are an exciting way to achieve things together. These are mostly common in rural areas but they can also be applicable among women in different countries. Women can plan and save land to build shelters for each other among other needs.

  • Give honest feedback

Women should give honest feedback on products to support fellow women improve or provide better quality products. Also now that businesses are online, women can support each other by sharing posts and recommending these businesses to others.

Overall women empowerment is powerful if no one is left out. This is why females should make it a point to ensure they celebrate each other’s victories and encourage each other to work diligently. No woman should tear another down for any reason.

By Hedwig Arinaitwe

Journalist with interest in advancing the voices of women.


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