Are you wearing the right bra?

A chiropractic and osteopathy study found that 80% of women wear the incorrect bra size, with 70% of women wearing ones that are too small and 10% wearing bras that are too big. 

From neck and back problems to pain and headaches, wearing the wrong bra can give you a hell of a day even if it is just an inner clothing.

While bras seem to be everywhere in your neighbourhood, on the streets, on the shelves, they are notoriously the hardest things to shop, no matter the availability or your size. It is easy to be enticed by colour and material of the bra and end up buying an ill-fitting bra that may pose some health risks.

According to Marietta Enoch, a nurse and expert on bra fitting and director of Hapygal Ltd in Kisementi, Kampala, the wrong bra can make you miserable.

“A wrong bra can give you a headache and leave you tense behind the neck. You can also get a bad back and poor sitting posture since you keep bending for comfort,” Enoch explains.

Enoch also cites breast spillage as another result of wearing the wrong bra.

“It will lead to spillage under the arms/armpits and make breasts flat. This gives you a chapatti-like look with bumps,” Enoch explains.

Another sad bra mistake is not knowing your cup size, which can be a problem, especially when it comes to shopping.

In order to walk out of the house as confidently as possible, a fitting bra is a MUST. However, if your attire includes an open dress or blouse, you may find difficulty getting a strapless bra but here are some other options to consider.

The strapless bra

Reviews from people that have worn it show that this bra is super comfortable as long as you can find one that is well fitting. It can be worn with any outfit, especially those open dresses and tops that reveal the whole neck and half chest area. This is mostly a fit for small cup size women but sizes for bigger busts are also available on the market.

Convertible bra

This bra is able to be worn in several ways because it has adjustable and detachable straps. It is made for small cup sizes and mostly available in 32AAA to 38A. It generally solves the problem of having too many bras in your closet to serve a different purpose because it can be worn in different ways.

Navy Minimizer Bra

This bra is usually specifically designed for people with a big bust. It has cloth straps and wired cups to hold your boobs firmly, but comfortably on the chest. They provide extra support to the wearer while distributing breast tissue to create the impression of a small bust size. They will typically prevent gaping when one is wearing a button-down shirt.

Balconette Bra

This bra is suitable for women who would like to create the push-up effect without necessarily wearing a push-up bra. This effect is achieved because the bra features half coverage cups and underwires for maximum support. As a result, the breasts look fuller and rounder in shape even with low necklines.


The 5-star rated satin cup bra fits any big cups sizes ranging from DD to O. For a feminine, comfortable, sexy and supportive bra, this bra is ideal for everyday.

Underwire Bra

The biggest benefit of wearing this bra is the support it provides, especially for those with a bigger bust. This support then prevents cases of back pain and strain that may be caused by an uncomfortable ill-fitting bra. It also gives lift to the breasts while enhancing the shape. However, in order to fully reap the benefits of this bra, experts advise that the bra should be well fitted and contour all the breast tissues.

Three-part Cup bra

With this bra, the cups are divided into two sections on the bottom with a vertical seam and one on the top. This underwire bra comes in many types ranging from lace to satin and has stronger straps for more containment. This bra is especially useful for those with bigger busts. The key advantage of this bra is shaping and support.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is a must have for any lady. It is extremely comfortable and absorbs the sweat while it allows one exercise. Also, while working out, the bra reduces breast pain and regulates blood circulation. It is also ideal for those days when you do not feel like wires cupping yet the shape of the breasts is still maintained. You will be assured of no bounce.

Nursing bra

This one is ideal for lactating mothers or those who are pregnant. This bra is different from a normal bra as it features a latch that can easily expose the nipple so that the baby is easily able to breastfeed, especially in public. The bra is also supportive for engorged breasts that may be heavier than usual.

According to your needs, the choice is yours. However, nowadays, there are shops that can measure and let you properly know your right bra size.