As a woman, you are your first cheerleader

Truth is, women have for long been at the receiving end of discrimination in many of the places they work. Surprisingly, sometimes, this discrimination is practiced by other women. For example, it is common for a woman to prefer a male hair dresser or gynaecologist. No wonder, some women do not expect much courtesy from fellow women.

However, while we cannot refute that narrative, there are women that are out to help fellow women know what it takes to climb to the top. Flavia Tumusiime, a media personality, shares tips she believes will help every woman.

Tumusiime, who has become a darling of many says women sometimes do not move forward because they have failed to make big decisions for several reasons. “Apart from having a supportive mother who spurred me on in several ways more so as I was growing up, what has made it possible for me to succeed is hard work and consistent planning,” she shares.

Tumusiime’s career started in 2002 on television and five years later, she started planning how her future would be and worked towards it. Unlike many, she says, the start was easy for her.

“I was young and had time to learn from my mistakes and correct them. Besides, social media was barely there so you could concentrate on your work.”

Tumusiime has habits she has practiced over the years to help her succeed and remain relevant. As earlier mentioned, it is hard work, “This has been very key because I give all my roles my absolute best no matter how I feel or the work environment,” she shares. That is contrary to what some women do when the going gets tough. From lamenting that women are not appreciated to contradicting themselves that they are not given the juicy jobs, they will complain. What Tumusiime presents before us is that work and feelings may not necessarily mix if we are to deliver as desired. 

The other habit is professionalism and she says it is important because it sets the standard of how she works with people and how they perceive her when they want to work with her.

“I believe that in spite of the obstacles in a career or business, women ought to succeed but that can only happen when we stop looking at success as a woman or man thing. If you can assume the field is levelled then it will be. Do not walk into an opportunity thinking you are less because you are a woman.”

Tumusiime adds that there is need for women to believe in themselves. “You are your first cheerleader and it is important that when you fail, you pick yourself up and do and be your best.”

The next time you feel like giving up, remember that many have walked that road and as one following in their footsteps, you only need to raise the bar high rather than rubbish their efforts. That way, you will set a precedence for the girl or woman after you to know that if others did it, so can she.