Capturing the best shot with your smartphone

Whether introvert or extrovert, women love taking pictures. When a good picture is taken, it excites and boosts one’s confidence. The bond between women and the camera is strong and thanks to technology, the camera has been improved to give a more exciting image.

According to, women now dominate the photography industry which was formerly more male dominated. Today, women make up 70% of the photographers in media houses and fashion houses. 

Experts at Nikon Uganda say good photography may depend on a number of factors, ranging from technical limitations to ambient and all these could affect the quality of your photographs. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your photography skills:

Use natural light

A photo taken with natural light gives a more vivid and bright look as long as you manage your white balance and experiment with different exposures and camera settings. With natural light, you can create outdoor portraits that are just as compelling as something shot in an indoor studio. Some smartphones, such as the iPhone, have a feature that lights yellow to alert you when there is enough natural light.

One rule about lighting and photography is that the camera should be in the opposite direction of the source of light. Taking pictures in the exact direction of the light will give you shady white pictures.

You can opt for candles if you want to bring out the artistry aspect or the ring light for videos to look exquisite but natural light is the top recommendation.

Use gridlines to balance the photo

Mostly referred to as the “Rule of Thirds”, the gridlines are some of the most important elements in good photography. The rule of thirds is one of the most powerful techniques, to help you position different elements in the photo. Most modern smart phone cameras now have the feature and allow you to observe the grids as you use your camera.

If you are using the camera horizontally, the most important elements in the scene should be placed along the gridlines or at the intersections where the lines meet.

Set your camera’s focus

According to Wikipedia, focus in photography is the process of adjusting the lens to find maximum detail and sharpness in an image. The focusing action in-camera can be done either manually or automatically.

You must adjust the distance between the subject of the image, the lens, and the sensor to focus properly.   You can always tell the difference between focused images as these are sharp and clear. In order for a camera to create a focused image, it takes light and runs it through a lens, concentrating the rays on the image sensor inside.

Also, people tend to ignore the cleanliness of the lens which can greatly affect the outcome of a shot. Because your phone is always in your hands, you are prone to touching the lens unintentionally. When you take a picture with a dirty lens, it may appear blurry and unfocused. Remember to always clean your lens with a dry, smooth clean cloth.

De clutter your background

The background is part of the overall scene since it is behind the main subject of the photograph. Proper design and use are crucial for good quality shots. Unsightly objects, overexposed or particularly bright areas and blocks/dots of bright colour will all pull the eye away from what it’s meant to be focusing on. Ensure you de-clutter your background before you take your shot and if possible, find a background that is not so pronounced.

If you are working on portraits, make sure there are no unwanted items sticking out of your subject’s head unless it adds to the shot. You can throw the background out of focus by blurring it.

Add humour

People tend to prefer entertaining photos. Funny photography is a beautiful combination of candid moments and pre-planned concepts. Evoking emotion, sometimes gives the most memorable photos that leave the world giggling.

Imagine a picture of a baby wearing a shirt with the words, ‘’I don’t pay bills, all I do is poop’’ funny right. Such an image will stay fresh in your mind for a long time. People like reality stories that are based on emotion and feeling. You got to bring that out in the photographs you take. Be as creative as possible.

Therefore, unless you are taking an official photo or portrait, consider adding some humour to your photos to create a lasting impression.


Finally, do not be afraid to edit. Editing is a core component to great photography because it enhances the overall look of the image. Consider using the internet, especially YouTube tutorials, which are more accessible for some useful tips. Also, explore apps like adobe, light room and other photo editing apps which you can download from the apps store on smartphones.