Cheating should never be normal

In one of the dailies recently, I read one woman’s thorny problem. You see, she is married to a man she loves so much that she has been able to forgive him for cheating on her several times. However, when he promised to change, she believed it but her trust is now being abused once again.

What really hurts in all this is the advice that this woman received. Although some readers advised her to quit the relationship, many are coming out to say that this is normal and that all men cheat.

However, we as a culture need to stop normalising cheating. You should not be scared to go through your significant other’s phone or social media accounts because you are afraid you will discover something that will hurt you. This should not be what consumes us in a relationship.

If you genuinely suspect that your significant other is cheating, leave them, instead of checking their phone when they are not looking and seeing if they are talking to other people. If you are constantly having to ask, “Who’s,” then that person is not worth your time because that other person is probably someone you have to worry about. A relationship that involves cheating is not at all healthy, and should not be endured.

Everyone deserves a relationship where you are each other’s biggest fan, and do not have to worry about if they are cheating or not. Real relationships are hard to find now because of the “talking” stage and the dates of only “chilling” together. But these real relationships still exist and cheating is not a part of them.

Unless if it is a personal decision to stay, no one should convince you to be there for that man or woman that constantly disrespects your trust by cheating on you. If you decide to stay, make sure you are okay with your decision so that you also stay devoid of stress and its related effects.

VKN, married mother of three boys


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