Christmas getaways close to Kampala

Many times, December is a time to think about family as well as celebrate the festive season. This involves a lot of things and travelling is one of them. These are some of the places not far from Kampala that can offer you all the relaxation and enjoyment you need this Christmas season.

Lakeside Escape – Mukono

This family friendly resort is located near Lake Victoria, thus allowing you to enjoy the views of the lake. The resort has swimming pools, outdoor games, movie night, delicious meals and entertainment, a package that simply makes the decision to spend Christmas there worthwhile. While one can drive to the resort through Mukono, there is also the option of taking a boat ride from KK beach in Ggaba.

Malakai Eco Lodge – Kitende

Nested in an amazingly eco-friendly environment, there is nothing not to like about the lodge. Malakai Eco Lodge, though not far from the capital city, will give you scenes of monkeys swinging on tree branches and fish running in the ponds. A real gem, the lodge is a wonderful getaway for Christmas with family where you will engage in indoor games, entertainment, and enjoy delicious meals. The children are not left to figure it out because there are games tailored to their age. The accommodation is also wonderful as the rooms are built to give you a feel of nature.

Nature’s Green Beach Resort – Kaazi

Nestled in the green lakeside environment, the resort gives you nature’s feel as you listen to birds chirping as the wind blows. This secluded place will give your family a magnificent feel should you choose to go there this Christmas because it is a private beach, hence enabling all visitors a private and intimate experience. Apart from the spacious gardens that are great for relaxation, the family will enjoy beach games, indoor games, entertainment, bonfire and the children will play their hearts out at the children’s playground.

Jinja Boat Cruise to Samuka Island Excursion

Apart from offering you accommodation, the Samuka Island Excursion introduces an element of adventure that will leave you craving for more. The boat cruise takes one-and-a-half hours, leading you to the source of the Nile and then another hour to the Samuka Island.

The island is one of the original off-shore resorts, which is seated on a 15 acre piece of land. It will offer your family a serene, tranquil and unique getaway that you craved for throughout the year. In addition, the island has a beautiful swimming pool, restaurant, bar and wonderful cottages that will not leave you and your family wanting for more. There are also outdoor activities such as volleyball and football and the place is also ideal for camping should you desire to do so.

The cruise starts at Jinja Sailing Club where one has moments to take photos which will remain as beautiful memories of a time well spent. The cruise costs Shs250,000 for two to three people.