Dressing the curvy woman

As long as there is a body shape or body type, then there is an appropriate and beautiful way to dress it. Therefore, regardless of your shape, there is a cloth for you, even if you are the curvy type. Ezra Kabali of Zuri Na Safi Designs share tips for dressing up curvy women:

Know your body shape

Many, on asking them, will either say they are curvy or plus size. However, there are particular body shapes; pear, hourglass, and rectangle that all body types subscribe to. Even as a curvy or plus size person, knowing your body shape is central to getting the right clothes as you will accentuate the right features. If you are not sure of your body shape, please read through some of our previous posts on body shapes for clarity.

Do not be swayed by cloth tag sizes

Different countries have different cloth sizes. For example, medium in the US is not necessarily medium in the UK or China. The same goes for the number sizes where 14 may mean something else in various countries. Therefore, when picking your clothes, the main focus should be that it fits well.

Even when a size is from the collection you always buy from, it is important to try it out. If it does not fit, do not throw your hands in the air but try a size higher or lower. Additionally, never let the number define you; allow yourself to think of your body as one that fits in a range of sizes and you simply need to fit to know which one is ideal.

Oversized clothes are not okay

Being plus size does not mean hiding behind baggy or oversized clothes. Your size also has clothes meant for it and you can look flattering. When dressing this body type, it is important that the owner feels confident. After all, they are people as well. Therefore, put away those oversized clothes because they do not show modesty in any way. Rather, they make your fashion style look uncoordinated. Go for what is ideal for your body shape and makes you look decently stunning.

Choose fitting undergarments

How your undergarments fit eventually shows on the outside and affects your mood. Just because you are a plus size woman does not mean that there are no undergarments that can take in your beautiful voluptuous body in an amazing way. If you have not bothered to check out your undergarment size, please do so because it creates the palate on which the rest of the clothes sit.

Balance between tight and fitting

Just like baggy clothes will not do your fashion sense any good, so will tight clothing. Therefore, there is need to balance your outfit so that fitting cloth do not turn out to be tight. However, if you must do tight clothes, then here is how to go about them; skinny jeans or pants must be paired with a loose top while a swing dress will work well with a structured jacket.

With the right attitude and the right clothes, dressing a plus size person is as delightful as dressing any other body type.