Dressing the pear or triangle body shape

Many of us make the mistake of looking for what is trending when searching for clothing to buy. No, it is never about that but identifying your body type. There are several types and one of these is the pear shape or rather, the triangle shape.

Monica Etyang, a designer, says persons with this shape have a smaller upper body with wider hips and bigger thighs. As such their shoulders are narrower than their hips.

The beauty about such girls is that they can adorn any jean and look amazing while making most tops look even narrower than they actually are owing to their narrow shoulders.

To appear more balanced and proportionate, girls in this bracket ought to go for dresses that add more volume to their upper body.

As such, dressing this body shape is about finding ways to make the body look longer. That is why they look great in tops that draw attention to the neckline, waist or back while the eye is drawn upward. Etyang tips on how to dress this body shape:


There is a lot that those in this shape bracket can wear. It even gets better if you have embraced bright colours as these afford you a lot of choice. That is not forgetting bold patterns as these help to create balance with the lower body. Your choice can include a fitting open neck, a V-neck of any shape, bell sleeved tops, and strapless tops.

In general terms, well-fitting tops will give you definition that suits your narrow shoulders while highlighting the narrow waist.

Jacket or blazer

With every shape, the finishing of your jacket matters. For pear or triangle shape, princess-cut or A-line that are waist length are ideal. You could put emphasis on ensuring that all your outerwear does not go below mid-thigh. Another option are boxy coats but you must ensure they have an elastic band at the waist.


These are great addition to your wardrobe and those with dramatic sleeves, just like some top options will do the trick. The other option are those with embellished and dropped neckline as these accentuate the slender bust. A great addition to your collection are maxi dresses as they are also very comfortable. You could also try those with details in the upper section for balance with the wider lower body, flared fitting dresses for more room downwards while adding volume to the slender upper body

Trousers (jeans and pants)

As you enjoy all those amazing tops, it will be great to couple them with amazing bottoms. These ought to be delicate yet dark in colour. Adding to the glamour are flare jeans as these will complete the look. If you can get the floor-sweeping kind, they will also give you a spectacular look.


You cannot complete the look without accessories. For earrings, go larger than life since bigger is better. In the case of necklaces, opt for the bulky layered kind.

That said, it is important to avoid anything oversized or shapeless, extremely short hemlines, curve-hugging clothes, and voluminous skirts.