Dressing tips for the petite person

If you are short and small or short and chubby, you are what one would call petite. Welcome to our world of ensuring you look good without wearing clothes bigger than your frame. As a 5’2”, I have been there but here are some things I have come to understand about my body thus adjust; our shoulders are narrower, the torso is shorter, and so are the legs and arms. To look the part, here is what to do:

Avoid oversized clothing

Steer clear of clothing that can overwhelm your frame because that makes you look shorter and bigger than you actually are. Therefore, rather than go for boxy or shapeless, opt for those that flow thus allowing your body to get seen. Do not get me wrong, it is not about wearing very tight clothing but something that will not totally hide you.

Additionally, go for clothes that fit your body well. It does not matter how good a cloth looks, if it does not agree to your size and shape, either tailor it or let it go.

Flared pants/jeans are ideal

These are well fitted even at the knee area only to flare up under the knee. The trick is that they are flattering even for women with short legs making their legs look longer while the person looks leaner. When wearing flared jeans or pants, it is best to pair them with heels. However, not any heel will make you look great; go for block heels to match up with the flare. This combination allows for more height while also giving good symmetry.

However, when picking your pants, make sure the flare is not exaggerated as that will end up working against you. A modest flare works wonders.

Less horizontal lines when layering

Layering is an amazing fashion style. However, for petite people, it seems somewhat tricky as it may make you look shorter and the end look will be like someone wearing buggy clothing.

Although layering is inevitable, the best way to go about it is ensuring all the clothing makes your frame look longer. Therefore, rather than having your cropped jacket atop a free flowing shirt and skinny pants, tuck in the shirt so you have one vertical line from top to bottom. That will make you look pristine and less cluttered. Ultimately, you have a clean look that accentuates your height.

Proportionate accessories

Accessories are any girl’s best friend. However, depending on your choice, the reverse may be true. When dressing the petite you, steer clear of accessories that are either big or wide as these overwhelm your frame. Seeing that they sit on the upper part of the frame, these take up a lot of the upper body space making you look ever shorter. When picking accessories, lean towards those that are slim and small to make a statement without dwarfing you.