Essentials for the cold weather

The rainy season seems to have finally started despite being expected to come later in September to November. In Uganda, although we don’t experience snow except in the mountains, the rainy season comes with dropping temperatures, which bring humid air leaving you feeling cold.

The coldness and wet mornings are not favourable, because there is likely to be more traffic than usual and even muddy roads might get slippery. It is common to experience colds during this season especially among children and it’s important you don’t get caught unawares.

The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), current reports show that the country is likely to receive rainfall all through the month.


“The rainfall outlook for the month of August 2022 indicates that areas of Northern, Eastern and parts of Mid-Western are likely to receive enhanced rainfallwhile the rest of the country is likely to receive occasional rainfall,” the report says.

Chap stick/moisturiser

Before it all gets cold and boring, make sure you don’t accept to have ashy skin. When it is cold, the air is dry and might lead to chapped lips and thirsty, dry skin. Buy some lip balm or chap stick to keep chapped lips at bay. Also, remember to apply a moisturiser to your skin to keep it supple and healthy. Simple products like lotion or body cream have good moisturising ingredients and usually favour all skin types.


A good pair of socks will last you through this cold weather, because once the legs are warm, the rest of the body will absorb the heat. Therefore, add a pair or two to your shopping list. Consider adding some happy socks to elevate the mood and leave a good fashion statement. Wool socks will give the warm toasty warmth that you need on a long cold day.

Collar shirts

The amazing thing that collar shirts have is the fact that they cover your chest and partly your neck, so it keeps you warmer. Also, most collared shirts have thick layers, so it is easy to absorb warmth.

Scarves/warm jackets

Scarves and jackets go hand in hand. A good scarf will actually take a look to 100%. A chunky, soft scarf will keep you warm but will also be a good accessory for your look.  Jackets are the most important when we talk about cold weather. A jacket or coat made with wool is absolutely what you need for the job. Also make sure it is comfortable and allows arm movement without difficulty.

Extra layers

Adding an extra layer or two of clothing when it is particularly cold can trap air and help preserve warmth.


What you wear says a lot about you. While Crocs are good for the rainy season, they are meant to be worn at home, in the house or in the bathroom but not to office or to a meeting. So, grab a pair of waterproof boots because it’s about to get wet and muddy and you need to shelter your feet from the dirt.

Cold caps/antihistamine

With the rainy season comes a lot of nausea, colds, nasal discharge and congestion. Therefore, there is need to store some antihistamines to decongest and bring relief.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are excellent for this kind of weather because they help keep away colds and flus. Fruits like lemon and oranges are perfect because they overcome nasal congestion, improve the immune system and remove toxins.

Teas and spices

You heard of weather for two? Buy some ginger, tea masala, mint and rosemary and enjoy the best tea there is to serve. Pick a warm duvet and cover up.

Rain coat

Darker colours are better and don’t get dirty faster, yet reveal a classy chic look. You may also consider getting a trench coat, which usually looks more stylish and can be worn over your work or professional clothes. However, ensure that while it looks stylish, its fabric is thick enough to keep you warm.

Portable umbrella

On light drizzle days, an umbrella can save the day. Don’t run for the very brightly coloured ones because they might make you look like a clown. All you need is something that is flexible, strong and can fit in your handbag.

Now that the rainy season is here, we can’t be sure if it will be drizzles or downpour but in all, the goal is to be prepared. So, set yourself up so that you don’t have sad stories to tell about rainy day experiences.