From Dr Maggie we learn not to limit ourselves

The women emancipation by the NRM government has played a great role in ensuring that women take up their place in society which is what Dr Maggie is doing and inspiring other women to do.

Margaret Blick Kigozi, commonly known as Dr Maggie Kigozi, 71, is currently a consultant at the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). She is also a medical doctor who practiced in Zambia, first as an intern and thereafter, a physician between 1977 and 1979.

Born in Fort Portal to George William Blick, a civil engineer and Molly Johnson Blick, a fashion designer, she comes from a family of avid motorcycle riders. Her father and siblings were champions between the 1960s and 1970s with Dr Maggie greatly involved. The similarities stretch to the fact that both parents had English fathers and Baganda mothers.

Apart from loving motorcycle riding, Dr Maggie also loved lawn tennis, table tennis, hockey and squash and represented Uganda in these sports fields.


She attended Aga Khan for primary school, Gayaza High School and Kololo Senior Secondary School for secondary school. Then in 1970, she enrolled into School of Medicine in Makerere University and graduated in 1974 with a degree in Medicine as well as surgery.

Personal life

Before 1977, Dr Maggie got married to Fredrick Serwano Kigozi with whom them they have three children; Fred, Michelle and Daniel (Navio) Kigozi.


After a stint in Zambia, Dr Maggie returned to Uganda after the ousting of Idi Amin but fled again to Kenya in 1980 when Milton Obote seized power. She continued to practice medicine there until 1986. In the same year, she returned to Uganda after the National Resistance Army came into power and she worked as a physician to members of Parliament and their families between 1986 and 1994. However, her passion was in paediatrics.

According to New Vision, in 1992, her husband passed on suddenly. “One day in 1992, Dr Maggie woke up and prepared for their children’s visitation day at St. Andrew’s School Turi, Kenya. Her husband drove her to the bus park at the National Theatre. That was the last time Dr Maggie saw him alive. That night, he felt some pain in the chest and a few hours later, succumbed to a heart attack.” Save not having phones, breaking news of the demise of a loved one to another is no easy fete.

In 1994, Dr Maggie hung up the medical gloves and took on another career path, joining Crown Bottlers Uganda Limited (manufacturers of Pepsi products) as the Marketing Director. While here, she was appointed board member of Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA).  In 1999, her business acumen saw her appointed executive director of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). She retired in 2011. She is also a member of Uganda’s National Dialogue Process and President of the Business and Professional Women Uganda.

Dr Maggie has additionally served in various capacities. These include Associate Professor of Economics at Makerere University; Member of the Global Banking Alliance (GBA) for Women Advisory Board; Director of the Board of Uganda Export Promotion Board & Crown Beverages Limited; Founder of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Women Entrepreneurs Network; Focal Point Officer of Africa Asia Business Forum; Patron of Uganda Change Agents & Junior Chamber International; Patron of Ugandan Diaspora Network; Chief Scout of the Uganda Scouts Association.

Dr Maggie is a celebrated star for women and girls in Uganda and provides mentorship and support for young women leaders in entrepreneurship, climate change, scouting and sportswoman-ship. She also focuses on Entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of women and youth.