Get your dream job by beating the system

It is that time of the year when companies, organisations, government entities and other business open their doors to new employees. Most advertise, others share among close contacts and clients. If you’re looking for a new employment opportunity, this is the right time to apply.

It is important to understand that not everyone applying for a job is unemployed. Some are just preparing for the future, others are trying their luck at another job, while others are looking for security before exiting their current positions. In light of this, don’t wait to apply when you have received your termination letter. Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

Isaac Malagala, a human resource management consultant and specialist at Reliable Consult Solution (RCS), says a job interview is like an alarm clock and the best opportunity for evaluation and perfection.

“An interview gives you an opportunity to learn something new, whether you get the job or not and this is not different from applying for jobs”, he says.

In addition, Hillary Bamulinde, a career enthusiast, recommends investing in capable networking as a quicker strategy to getting a job.

“You have a higher chance of landing a job through referrals than entirely relying on online applications,” he emphasises.

Here are some important tips professionals use to prepare better and get that dream job:

Get acquainted with the prospective company

Do your research because it will make the process easier and less hectic for you. Before searching however, write down what kind of job you’re looking for, how much salary are you looking at, the location, and the field of work. Once you’re sure of those, review the reputation of the company from the comments online to get an insight of what you’re getting into.

Some companies are known for denying employees their salary and this is not a company you want to work for. Also, check out some of the company employees on LinkedIn and be sure that the company values align with yours. Once you’re completely convinced, start working on the CV/resume and cover letter. Treat the job search like a job too. Dedicate time to it, especially in the morning when you are well rested.

Have an organised CV and cover letter

Gone are the days when resumes were 5 pages long. Nowadays, a good resume is only two pages and comprises all the required information. Also, consider including all relevant information to the particular job you’re applying for. In cases where the company requires a specific format, research and do the necessary needful. Such small things matter.

If your resume has a provision for a photo, please keep it professional. Alternatively take a good digital passport photo and attach it if absolutely necessary.

After making your CV stand out, work on the cover letter. Some job adverts don’t show need for it but it is a plus for any job applicant. Customise your letter for every job to fit the requirements, but make certain that the first two paragraphs show your qualifications for the job and how you will contribute to the company’s growth.

Clean your social media

When you’re expecting a visitor, you clean every corner of the house to give a good impression. Your social media pages are your online house. Your presence there can be used to evaluate what you are capable of, who you are, and who you relate with.

Now more than ever, employers can find information about anyone online, so make sure you polish your socials and employ the industry language to describe yourself and your skills. Remove irrelevant or offensive content that may raise eyebrows or be interpreted the wrong way.  Then follow the companies on social media to keep up with new opportunities.

Keep your network in the know

First, invest in sensible networks then reach out to your social network and make sure they are aware of your job search because someone could have direct contacts or an opportunity in line with what you’re looking for. Let them know the type of job you’re looking for, skills, capabilities and prior experience. You can design a simple poster and post it or even on your social media platforms if your contacts are not only limited to classmates and friends. This shows dedication and seriousness to the job search and might just be the reason you land your dream job. Also, take advantage of professional sites like LinkedIn to make an impression.

Wear colours that attract favour

First impression is a very important part of getting a job. What the eye sees and likes, the mind processes and reacts. Your style and posture may give you a chance at that big break. Just make sure you’re smart, decent without overdoing it.