Insomnia: How to get better sleep amid the voices

According to the English Oxford Dictionary, insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep, or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back tosleep. Often times, people who suffer from this condition experience tiredness, low mood and poor work output.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends seven hours of sleep for a normal adult, and considering the one hour you spend trying to sleep, it totals eight hours.  Go to bed the same time daily and rise early. The consistency helps your body and mind to adjust and easily get you asleep.

It is even harder to find sleep in an environment where night bars and a stressed mind meet. Alternatively, these tips could come in handy:

  1. Keep the phone away

Experts believe the effects of the blue light from your phone may be a limiting factor, but it is also easy to sneak into tick tock and check Instagram once you take your phone to bed. The best option is to leave your phone in another room as you go to sleep and allow the brain to rest from all the drama.

  •  Adopt healthy habits

According to studies, people who practise good health habits and exercise daily fall asleep easier. The best time to exercise is three hours before bed time to allow time for the body to cool off and relax.

  • Eat light and drink less

Consuming heavy amounts of food may cause discomfort as the body is not able to easily digest too much food faster. As for drinks, you will probably find yourself waking up endlessly because of nature calls. Usually, it is advisable to have an early dinner, so that you allow time for the intestines to do their job allowing you to sleep comfortably.

  • Get rid of stress

Most of us don’t have a lack of sleep problem; we suffer from anxiety, overthinking and stress. This means our minds are busy engrossed in worry thinking and trying to find solutions. Some yoga mindfulness and meditation are good techniques to de-stress.

  • Journal before bed

Sometimes the easiest way to get over the day’s worries and thoughts is to write everything down in a diary.   If possible, put down the next day’s to do list so that you have your day set and your mind organised to avoid worrying and overthinking about tomorrow. Journaling is basically an easy way of organising your thoughts and plans.

  • Don’t check the time

Many people are guilty of this, when you wake up in the middle of the night don’t check the clock. Usually, it makes you feel like you missed a lot or are out of time.  And once you start to think, your brain resorts to a different agenda.

  • Listen to a story

You wonder why our grandparents listened to stories around the fire before bedtime. Probably they were smart enough to know that a good story can cause the mind to relax and allow for good sleep. Now those stories are on podcasts and audio books, just find something calming and relaxing.

After all is said remember sleep is a very important aspect of our life routine because it makes it possible for the human body to refresh and function efficiently. Of late many people have adopted rain sounds and flowing water as a soothing way to easily fall asleep. Maybe this could be your hack as well.


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