Latest fashion trend: The trench coat is back

Like staple food, a trench coat is a staple in any classy, stylish woman’s wardrobe. The fact that it can be worn without accessories and still make a great fashion statement makes it a must have.

Because it is usually hot in Uganda, this outfit can be tricky to pull off since the material is usually quite heavy. However, now that the rains have started, do not hesitate to bring out that trench coat and pull off a classy look.

What is a trench coat?

A trench coat is an elongated version of a coat with features like multiple buttons, patch pockets, waist belts and the fabric. All this gives it a unique look, the reason why fashion critics use it to identify class and elegance.

Apart from being waterproof and lightweight, it usually has numerous pockets and a belt to hold everything in place keeping you warm and safe from direct wind or rain.

In 2006, Angella Jean Ahrendts, a businesswoman and former SVP Apple retail, said that trench coats are very essential and thus everyone should have one.

‘’Everyone in the world should have a trench coat, and there should be a trench coat for everyone in the world. It does not matter your age; it doesn’t matter your gender,” she said.

But did you know?  

This piece of clothing was initially a military men dress code (World War 1), because it was easy to wear in the trenches. Before that, the British sportsmen owned the coat. Currently, a few men give it much thought in regards to fashion, except football coaches who still adore it for making them standout.

When the war ended, the coat started to find its way into different streets until Hollywood picked it up. Designers started to get creative with it on the runways and celebrities massively started to utilise the comfort it gives. Now it is in Uganda and the coat is taking the lead again.

Why you should wear a trench coat in 2023

Unlike in the past where trench coats came in specific colours like black, brown, grey and white, this year beige colours are taking over the fashion runway.

Beige is a French word describing natural wool that has neither been bleached nor dyed, such usually giving off a pale brown or tan. These colours are not very common to come across but they are extremely fashionable.

Elevate the look

A trench coat is one of those that can take a look from bad to elegant without much effort and accessory.  The elongation makes it even classier because you can pair it with a pair of high knee boots and look like you just came out of ‘Emily in Paris’.

Trench coat knows no weather

Any day, cold or warm trust a trench coat to do the job. Most women wear them to work because they give off power and superior vibes but they are also comfortable for an evening at a band or dinner.

How to wear a trench coat

Often, the best designs are those created from scratch; feel free to try it your own way because there are endless ways to pull off a trench coat look.

Firstly, you will never appear scurvy with jeans. So, go in for skinny jeans, loafers, any sweater as long as it is not too colourful.

Weekend get-away

Sneakers, beige crop top and jean completed with a black trench coat would be a well put together outfit for a movie night or girls’ day.

Work attire

For a Monday office look, pair your coat with a skirt and knee-high boots. This look will erase the feeling of meetings, and incomplete tasks allowing you to enjoy the beginning of the week.

Large free pants

These are very trendy on the fashion scene and if you decide to wear them with a trench coat, make sure to pair them with either a crop top or just a bra. Then finish with pointed heels or boots.

Where to buy trench coats in Kampala

You’re in luck because Shein haul is now importing clothes to stores in Kampala. The trick is where to get the original ones because vendors in the city are good at selling second hand hand-outs. So, to get good fabric trench coats, it is better to trust boutiques and designers.

Alternatively, identify the design and find a good tailor to bring it to life. This option will save you a lot of trouble but ensure the tailor is professionally credited. You may also choose to make creative designs using Ankara/ kitenge material for a more unique look.


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