Learning your heel types

It is hard to find a woman who does not love a good pair of heels. However, many do not know that these come in various types. Ezra Kalibala, a designer at Safi Na Zuri Fashion House shares some heels types that one can add to your shoe wardrobe.


Stiletto heels are the classic high heel that can give you height and elongate your legs. Stilettos can range in height from one to 10 inches and typically feature a pointy, thin heel. This signature heel can be the perfect complement to a cocktail attire, leggings, or to spice up a double-denim look.


Block heels are chunky heels that have a square or cylindrical appearance. The heel shape distributes weight evenly, making them one of the more comfortable types of heels you can wear. Block heels go well with skinny jeans, causal skirts and various dress silhouettes.


If you are looking for a pair of low impact heels to wear with your slip dress or selvedge denim, kitten heels are a great option. Kitten heels are a short stiletto heel that pairs well with pantsuits, office attire, denim jeans and various other options in your capsule wardrobe.


These have a thin strap that wraps around the heel, which helps secure your foot bare for an elongated straightforward look. Closed-toe sling-backs are a staple in office attire.

Ankle strap

There are a moderate to high heeled shoe that has a strap that wraps around the ankle and fastened by a buckle, clasp or tie. While ankle strap heels are a versatile shoe, they make the legs appear shorter and are best suited for taller people.


These are slip-on shoes available in various textures such as suede or canvas and a range of heights. This heel type is backless and typically pairs best with a summer dress, midi skirts and day-to-night looks.

Peep toe

If you wat to give your feet some breathing room, a peep-toe heel has an opening in the front of the shoe that offers a little exposure to your toes while maintaining your elegant look. Peep toes are incredibly versatile and work well with everything from skinny jeans to evening gowns.


A French heel is a short tapered heel that gets wider towards the bottom. Also known as a Louis heel, this heel type works best with dressy attire.


It is a low heel with a curved back and straight front. This heel is commonly seen on cowboy boots, brogues, loafers and Oxford shoes. You can wear this heel type with jeans, sheath dresses or a casual maxi skirt.


These heels have an hourglass shape where the top and bottom are wide and the middle tapers in. This pair of heels works with boot-cut jeans and pencil skirts.


These heels provide height to the whole shoe, rather than just the heel. The bigger the platform, the shorter the heel, which makes it easier to walk in. You can wear this versatile heel with jeans, cocktail attire or flowy maxi dresses.


These heels are a striking shoe that is available in a number of variations. Most corset heels contain the foot on both side and feature a corseting lace up the front (like a corset for your feet). These heels pair well with miniskirts, bodycon dresses and little black dresses.


A cone heal has an ice-cream cone-shape, with the broader part of the heel connected to the shoes’ body, tapering to a thinner point at the tip. Wear cone heels with flowy dresses like A-line silhouettes and maxi skirts.

So which one suits your taste? Take your pick.