Make the most out of a small living space

It is challenging to keep a small house organised, especially with all the electronic appliances and possessions. For most people, it becomes frustrating trying to adapt. However, it is possible to have a clean, uncluttered and organised space even if it is a studio apartment.

The rules of living in an organised space include having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. Then, appreciate your space and you will enjoy the many things you can do with it.

Phoebe Nassimbwa, an interior designer and home organising expert, says living in a small house gives the illusion of containment which is not true.

“Make use of the doors, hang laundry baskets, let the floor breathe, try toy rotation, make a wish list so that everything gifted is going to be used and ensure that you emphasise putting things back into their places,’’ she says.

Living in a small house is daunting but with these tips, it will be easier.

Shelving is magical

Don’t use the floor as storage space. For small spaces, organise vertically not horizontally. Instead of buying baskets for storage, purchase durable, creative shelves and utilise the shelf space so that the ground is not cluttered. This way, you will have more space and it will be easier to keep neat.

Make your bed

This is the first chore everyone should attempt when they wake up. It not only gives you an organised start of the day but it transforms your space to a desirable, organised, inspiring place of motivation and leaves a clean feeling in the room. If you hate making your bed, ensure to tuck in the lower sheet so you just have to make the top only, this way it will be easier to develop the habit of making your bed.  For the sake of having an organised house and enjoying the privileges of more space, make the bed.

Wash dirty clothes

Do not keep dirty clothes. Get rid of the laundry basket if it is the one making you lazy. The one mistake people living in small spaces make is throwing dirty clothes all over the space. For starters, you should not even tolerate dirty clothes in a small space since this means that the house will not only be disorganised but also stuffy and inhabitable. Remember this is your personal space where good things should be happening, that is why it should be spotless and accommodative enough to inspire good health and living.

Get rid of things you haven’t used in the last 5 months

Hoarding is a bad habit that can keep you captive and attract a lot of clutter that results into disorganised living. Those clothes you don’t wear should either be donated or put on sale; the toys the kids no longer use shouldn’t be occupying that much space. You have to let go, if you want change to come to your house. Once you get rid of the hoarded stuff, you will appreciate the extra space your house will have.

Fold, hang and put away clean clothes

Clothes take up a lot of unnecessary space if they are not folded or kept on hangers in one place. In most small spaces, clothes take more space than anything else. If you are looking for a clean and de-cluttered space, iron, fold and keep clean clothes in one place.

Don’t allow anything extra in the house

Don’t accept free things just because they are free; be very particular about what you allow into the house.  It is very tempting to want new things when you go the supermarket or a trade fair. Often, it is something you already have or kids want another toy. If you fall into the temptation, make sure what your bringing into the house has multiple uses. If not, throw out the old one and replace with what you have bought. Don’t allow things of the same use or replica in the house because that is space being wasted.

Declutter regularly

Often times, it is not the space that is small, it is too many things that house owners don’t want to let go of. It could be family portraits, hand written chits from high school, letters, childhood souvenirs and many other things that you attach to much emotion to.

You will probably have to choose; is it a calm, peaceful, uncluttered house you want or are you stuck with old memories? Once you decide to move past the mental block of being afraid to get rid of things, so much positive change will come into your life including a more peaceful, organised clean house.