Moving out of parents home; tips for young women

When someone finally finishes their university studies, in most cases, they yearn for independence and space. Leaving your parents’ home is usually an emotional journey full of confusion, fear and excitement.

Oftentimes, parents are not pleased with the decision but with time, they will get used to the idea. Living alone has its advantages and disadvantages.  Not having someone to report to or tell you what to do is completely liberating. For example, most women find themselves stuck after months of living alone while others go into depression as they wallow in shame of going back home.

This new chapter of life needs serious preparation and consideration and here are the most important things to consider:

What are the reasons for leaving your parents’ home?

  1. A new job placement in a different location: If your reason for leaving home is a new job, it is necessary to move, especially if the transport costs are higher when commuting. All you need to do is make sure you have a clear contract and a good salary that can cater for bills while still allowing you to save.
  2. Seeking Independence: As you continue to grow, the urge to live independently becomes a highlight. If you decide to leave home so that you can do things without supervision, ensure that you take enough time to think through the decision thoroughly.
  3. Moving in with your partner: While leaving your parents might seem exhilarating, it is not promised that living with someone new is easy. Moving in with a partner is a big step, so make sure you’re prepared emotionally.

A checklist for moving

  • A mattress and the necessary beddings.
  • Curtains.
  • Bathroom essentials; soap, detergents, basin, squeezer and window cleaner, among others.
  • First aid kit- keep some painkillers, bandages, anti-bacterial and gauze.
  • Kitchen essentials like utensils, snacks and others
  • Electronics like an electric kettle, flat iron, microwave and washing machine if you can afford.
  • Cleaning materials – the previous occupants may not have been as clean, so it is essential to clean before occupying the new apartment.
  • An emergency fund because you will find that you didn’t buy some necessities yet you can’t do without them.

How to prepare yourself to leave your parent’s home:

Develop financial discipline

Living alone requires putting your finances in order but first, ensure you have a stable source of income. Learn to budget and invest in gaining knowledge on saving for financial safety.

Join a saving group to assist you manage your finances while you pursue independence. At the same time, budgeting should be one of the best skills because it will help you avoid spending impulsively and running bankrupt.

Cook instead of buying food from a restaurant

Find cheaper means of transport and where possible, tap into free voucher give-aways and discounted shelf items.

Plan your outdoor activities and don’t carry unnecessary cash in the wallet. Money laying around will be utilised aimlessly unless it has been planned for.

Polish your habits

When you move out especially if you’re going to live with someone new, there will be back and forth as you try to learn and accommodate each other.

Be accommodative to make the process easy and learn how to relate with others. It is important to support others and accommodate their nature within reasonable limits.

Learn basic hygiene habits; everyone wants a clean and neat person. When you use the bathroom, clean up and always put things where they belong.

Shower at least twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

Equip yourself with basic tasks

Now that you’re living alone, you will have to do most of your chores. These include cleaning, mopping, dusting, cooking, ironing and shopping for groceries.

Tips from a typical Kampala person living alone

When you finally move out of home, there is so much you will learn but in all of this make sure ‘’being friendly’’ is something you remember every day. Because:

  • To survive, you will need to befriend a rolex guy.
  • To stay sane, you will need to befriend a shopkeeper.
  • To keep satisfied, you will need to befriend a market lady.
  • To survive for long, you will need to befriend a boda guy.

Overall, moving out is not as hard as perceived, but the hard part is managing and surviving the responsibilities that come with it. Remember who you were before you moved out, set goals, have principles and always return home no matter how fun it may be outdoors and don’t let everyone into your house.

By Hedwig Arinaitwe, journalist and creative writer


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