My business was born out of the need to find affordable plants

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate in Uganda increased to 2.44 percent in 2020 from 1.80 percent in 2019. Jobs remain an integral part of the sustainable economic growth of the country. Now, more than ever, it is important to prioritise entrepreneurship among the hundreds of youth who graduate from universities every year.

Meet Riber Divine Lynn, a 23-year-old plant lover and the founder of Happy Petals. She derives her happiness from growing and grooming plants. Riber graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Administration and Marketing and decided to start a plant selling business which is now the reason she does not have to walk the streets looking for jobs like other graduates.

Plants are heaven; the peace that comes with having a plant in your home can cure any depression, she says.


“I wanted to buy plants but I couldn’t find a cheaper place to buy them from so I decided to start Happy Petals. In my market analysis, I figured the business had less competitors. I set a strategy that each client pays 50%, which I use to purchase the product and then get my profit from the final pay after the product is delivered.

I have many creative ideas and I enjoy doing interior designing, compound designing and office designing using plants.

Why Plants?

I sell both indoor and outdoor plants because it is very peaceful to have plants around. You experience the joy of seeing something grow which is why some people deeply get attached to plants. It is like having a dog as a pet.

How have you benefitted from the venture?

I am able to provide for my family, my siblings and myself. Also, I have been able to build a network with interior designers and I get many recommendations to undertake office, home and compound designs.

My plants sell for shs.15,000 with a plastic pot and shs.25000 for medium pots while the white and black ceramic pots cost shs.30000. We have a variety of plants and vases and it does not matter how scarce a plant is, we can get it for our customer.

What challenges do you encounter?

My biggest challenge is delivery; it can be very frustrating. Sometimes I use Safeboda when the orders are many but I’m always worried sick about whether they’ll be delivered safely without any damage.

What makes Happy Petals unique?

We pay attention to detail and give it our all. Truth is, I literally talk to my plants because plant happiness is essential. Client feedback is an uplift, so I ensure I provide the best service to my clients. Sometimes, I feel like walking to the streets and educating everyone about how plants could purify Kampala’s foul-smelling air.

What are your future plans for this business?

We plan on having a big plant studio one day and at the same time I would like to expand the aluminium doors business. I’m building a team to make this happen.

How can we empower women and girls into business and development?

As a young woman, you have to wake up, show up and keep your head high because no one is going to pick you up. Above all, trust in God and pray.”