My father taught me values that have helped me succeed

Nkinzi Philomena Fiona is a passionate actress with Nabwiso Films Uganda. Nkizi is having the time of her life by doing what she does best even with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University. She is famously known as “Nanziri” the maid in the Sanyu series aired on Pearl Magic Television. She tells us the secrets to her success.

What inspires you?

l was raised by a single father who is so passionate and dedicated to raising his children. I believe this makes me unique since most children raised by a single parent are raised by mothers and it is very rare to find committed single fathers. My father has instilled priceless values in me; I am God fearing, aggressive and persistent. I will do anything to make him proud.

Why acting and not accounting?

Acting comes naturally for me. Throughout my time in school, I enjoyed Music, Dance and Drama.  Besides academics, I started participating in some school dramas and I pushed myself to be the best. This created a big foundation for my acting career. I also love to inspire people through scenes and always want to show people the different sides of life. The environment I grew up in inspired me, the reason acting is next to reality.

How have you benefited from acting?

Surprisingly, Sanyu is my first project. I had not done any sort of film before. I have benefited from working with Nabwiso films and the entire Sanyu team. I have been mentored in professionalism at work, maximum discipline on set but above all I have met and made friends who have added value to me. I can’t deny that a financial reward has been attached to my name as a young woman and I will not worry much about what comes next after graduation or when the Sanyu project ends.

What is your most memorable moment on stage?

It was my very first time to be on set and everything was new so I didn’t know the film language and terminologies used. One day, our director Mathew asked me to cry, because there was a need for concern. I tried everything but I just couldn’t shed a tear. I ended up telling him that I couldn’t cry. It was something abnormal to say to your director. However, he referred me to the assistant director to put me in character. With time, I got accustomed to being on set and have improved a lot.

Any advice for ladies who want to join film?

There are so many ways. First, is to produce movies with the society in mind to show that everything is achievable if you do the right things at the right time. Let them know that it is important to keep in school because acting is neither for failures nor school dropouts. One must prepare and preparation is done in schools, institutions or through any form of education as long as you attain knowledge, skills and competence in whatever you pursue.

What makes a good actress?

The skill of listening carefully; the director’s work and your own is made easy when you listen. As an actor, ensure that you memorise your lines with the right emotions and facial expressions. It is also important to work hand in hand with co-actors and the entire crew. Avoid being at loggerheads with people and be disciplined.

What impact has acting had on you?

Since Sanyu series is my first project, I call myself a Nabwiso-Sanyu product. They have made a name for themselves and being associated with them is a privilege. Currently, Philomena is not a random person anymore. For any woman or girl child hoping to excel, self-esteem is very important regardless of your family background, status quo, income status and physical appearance. When you have self-esteem and confidence, you will reach great heights.

Apart from acting, what else do you do?

I am into marketing. I also work with the Desire Luzinda Foundation as a procurement and logistics assistant. I understand the field very well and I am available for brand ambassador roles too.

What are your future plans?

I wish to one day get a role as a lead character to show the world that Nanziri can take on other roles and succeed since is very talented. I also envision myself taking on some other crew roles besides acting such as continuity, directing and producing my own films.

What advice do you give young women, especially during this time when schools are closed?

My advice to young people interested in acting is to first study. You can act while studying depending on the project. Seek parental guidance if you wish to join the industry so that they guide you and also keep you from some dishonest film companies. Always remember that respect for parents is the first source of wisdom and blessing.