Reasons to appreciate mothers on Mother’s Day

There is one person in life who you can always count on. That one person who you know the sound of their heartbeat from the inside. That person gave you life and loves you unconditionally. That person is your mother. 

When you are young, you cannot imagine life without your mother. When we become teenagers, many of us experience an awkward, rebellious phase when we think our mothers are embarrassing. But as we grow up, we slowly realize our mothers are our best friends.

While gifts are perfectly suitable as a way to say thank you to your mother, your actions and constantly checking in on her mean the most to her. While we will never be able to count the many blessings they’ve given us, here are five reasons we should tell our mothers we love them this Mother’s Day. 

Mom is a modern-day superhero
Mothers are the embodiment of resilience. Our mothers have taught us to embody strength throughout our journey in life. They have taught us one of the most valuable lessons in life; to love ourselves. Our mothers help us discover what we want to do in this world, and when we make that discovery, they are right by our sides cheering us along with integrity and hope. 

She leads by example
Our mothers teach us to be the bigger person, to have compassion for everyone, to rise above all, and to be our own source of strength. This Mother’s Day, thank your mom for motivating you, for teaching you to be resilient and to believe that not even the sky is the limit.

She supports you when you need it most
Sometimes it is not the magnificent gestures that make moms special, but the little words of encouragement that mean the most. Our mothers’ unconditional love and guidance enable us to see strength and ability in others.

Her love is incomparable
A mother teaches her children every emotion; happiness, sadness, fear, love, anger, helplessness, compassion, excitement, joy, and sorrow, all while hoping and praying they will only experience the good things in life. Nothing on Earth can separate you from your mother, not time, not space, not even death.

She gives her family all she has (and more)
One of the most generous gifts a mom gives her family is her time and undivided attention. A mother makes countless sacrifices. She gives up her privacy and alone time to make sure her children are thriving. She gives up a carefree lifestyle to make sure her children are fed, comforted and happy. With endless love and guidance, our mothers teach us to say what is in our hearts. They allow us to be vulnerable and to embrace risk. Our mothers teach us to love a world that barely knows what it means to love itself. Our mothers are the ones who sometimes delay their own dreams so that we achieve ours first.

However, telling our mothers we love and respect them every chance we get is important, not just on Mother’s Day.


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