Self-improvement tips to become a woman worth admiring

In a lifetime, most people won’t realise that the sad life they have normalised is largely influenced by their daily habits. It is easy to get lost in the clutter of life and the day-to-day unending stress.

While this may all be blamed on the changing times and the aim of finding purpose thus self-awareness and evaluation is the resolution to this conflict. Knowing who you are, what makes you happy, what triggers you as well as your weaknesses and strengths is simply a gateway to being a better version of yourself.

Stephen R. Covey, the author of The Famous Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, revealed that the 8th habit will take you from effective to great. He encouraged practising habits such as communication, thinking, and smart planning among many for successful living.

Unpack the emotional baggage

According to scholarly explanations, emotional baggage is an everyday expression that correlates with unresolved issues of an emotional nature. The problem with this issue is that it can become a limiting factor. Emotional baggage can hold you down, cause stagnancy and delay elevation. Let go off the past; the present and future is what is important.

Journal your progress

However busy you are, find time to write down your journey. A notebook or diary will help you understand yourself better as you try to explain currencies on paper. Write down even the least important ideas that drop in your mind as well as unexpected dreams too. This will help you to reflect and evaluate your crossing into a self-aware lady.

Build a personal support camp

Since no man is an island, every human being needs a support system. Find people who love you genuinely, believe in your dreams and are willing to go beyond the ordinary for you.

Practise self-compassion instead of self-love

Self-compassion encourages accepting and embracing yourself despite the flaws instead of putting yourself first in everything. Avoid the trend of keeping away from people and being insensitive disguised as self-love.

Tone down on family drama

Sometimes the people meant to hold us together are the ones that hold the axe and shatter us. If your family is supportive, stick close to them but if you’re always complaining and drained because of relatives, it will not kill you to take a break. However, don’t block or hate them. Just figure out who and how much to give while limiting your expectations.

Clean your digital house

Everyone has this follower whose content is a trigger; it’s either toxic or very boastful and sends you into the resentful, sad and jealous glass. Well, that is not something to live with. If someone’s social presence makes you toxic, unfollow them and concentrate on personalities who support and add to your wellbeing.

Embrace and practise delegating

It is often understandable to want to do things on your own terms, to your personal perfection. However, it is necessary to trust and believe that others can do as well as you can do. Delegate tasks instead of piling files of work, and getting late on the deadline, which is incompetent.

Give! Give! And Give!

A giving hand is surely a receiving hand. Clear out those clothes keeping your wardrobe door open; give out those wigs you no longer wear. Don’t hoard food in the kitchen yet you cook once in a month. Always recall the saying “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” It will definitely keep you fulfilled and light weighted.

Be thankful

Growing up, children are often told ‘’Thank you’’ is a magic word even in its simplicity. Gratitude is a must. Every single day we are offered a new chance to try. No matter how minor in your opinion, appreciate all the small blessings and achievements in your life.

Overall understand and monitor your triggers, volunteer, practise manifestation and reward yourself when you do well.


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