Sheebah makes at Serena Hotel

Over the years, Sheebah Karungi’s concerts have sold out, leaving people asking for more. It would, therefore, make sense that she booked a venue as big as Cricket Oval. However, this year, she preferred to go to The Serena Hotel for her 2022 concert.

Asked about the venue choice, Sheebah said despite the venue not being big enough to take in all her fans, Serena is a venue she has coveted since she was 16 years. “This is one of the concerts I have dreamed of all my life. I have always wanted to do a show at Serena and I cannot wait to give my fans the best of what I have,” she said.

Ensuring that there were no gate sale, ticket were sold prior to the show and sure enough, it was a sold out event. Rising to fame with her hit single, Ice Cream 10 years ago, Sheebah was managed by Jeff Kiwa. While they parted ways early this year, the solo musician had an awesome show alongside famed artists such as Winnie Nwagi, Chozen Blood, and Spice Diana. These showed her immense love because they went all out to entertain the fans.

The stage was also phenomenal, done by the magical hand of Fenon events who gave the show an amazing touch, adding life to it.

Getting on stage from the ceiling, the singer went right ahead to perform for her audience in the filled-to-capacity auditorium starting with Nipe Yote.

As the night continued, the tempo picked up and so did the musician. Sponsored by Club Pilsner, the two day concert will be the talk of town for a long while.