Smell like a millionaire this year

As a woman of the 21st century, fragrance is something the world can use to describe who you are, how much you are worth and where you come from.

There are millions of fragrances on the market and so many keep coming up by the day. Finding the best perfume is a journey of trial and elimination and so is being able to tell between good and great.

Some of the mistakes many people make when buying perfumes include:

  • Shopping late when the stores are closing which means you won’t have time to test as many and find the best.
  • Buying without testing. Buying a perfume without experiencing the reality of it is scam unless there is guarantee.
  • Buying perfume because of attractive packaging.

The uniqueness of a perfume is in its notes; jasmines are loved by women who love to stand out. Other women take interest in sandalwood while some still want to smell like rose and fruits, ready to be splashed.

Why you should wear perfume

  • Extraordinary perfume can shake things up and lead you to be better than the usual. A great perfume will lift your mood and boost your confidence, pushing you to step up.
  • Sense of freshness. A boundless fragrance works like magic. Even on a sunny day, you will enjoy the feeling of freshness which uplifts your mood. 
  • They evoke emotions. The craftsmanship that is embedded in the perfume will appear through the fragrance. It will re-ignite emotions of creativity and achievement.
  • A great fragrance will not only make you smile but will lock in the memories you create. People, places, events will stay with you because of that amazing perfume you purchased.
  • The right perfume can get you into places you have never been. Ugandans will favor you because of how you smell, dress, look and talk. So, beat the mindset and tap into the lucky girl syndrome. It works all the time.

The best perfume notes/ingredients to look for in perfumes.

  • Blackcurrant
  • Patchouli
  • Saffron
  • Coconut
  • Rose
  • Oakmoss
  • Oud
  • Vanilla
  • Brown Sugar
  • Musk

       Skin friendly options for perfume

Perfumes are totally amazing and a vital essential of any lady’s life but because most perfumes are made with alcohol or other chemicals for durability, some people’s skins can’t withstand them.

This is why it is very important to know the things that affect your skin, or cause allergic reactions to your body. In such cases, oil perfumes are the preferred option since there is no alcohol except oil which is friendly on skin.

Some of the most authentic oil fragrances include;

  • Pink chiffon
  • Sugar baby
  • Brown orchid
  • Blue water
  • Euphoria
  • Black opium
  • Heat rush
  • Bombshell
  • Sweet Camilla
  • Creed
  • Sweet vanilla, strawberry &passion
  • Pure seduction

Here is the list of the best perfumes to make you smell like a BOSS:

1. Si by Giorgio Armani (Transparent)

2. KAYALI perfume

3.  YSL Black Opium perfume

4.  Red Vanilla by Zara

5.  Chopard collection (Nuit des Rois)

6.  Go fruity by Zara Weekend

7.   Decadence by Marc Jacobs

8.  La vie est belle by Lancôme

9.  Bright crystal by Versace

10.  Louis Vuitton’s Matière noire

Overall, perfume is an experience; it attracts character and class. Make sure you know exactly how you want to smell like and what you want to attract. A perfume can undress or complete the look. As long as it lifts your mood, delve into the benefits but let it be the fragrance that won’t make others uncomfortable.


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