Sound advice from social media for ladies? Maybe …

Often, social media is looked at as the destructive element of the digital era, because of the many negative results like privacy breach, bullying and irrelevant slander.

However, like any other thing existing in the world, there are two sides to a coin. Social media, if honestly evaluated, has been an instrument for advocating and giving women a platform to express who they really are freely, growing together and helping one another.

One of the major roles it has played in advancing women’s rights is being the place where women can learn and advise each other using real life experiences. This has created a social media community of women who cheer each other and support everyone.

Here are some resounding recommendations from women to their peers on social media:

  1. Don’t be afraid to break barriers and glass ceilings. The world tells women no to be ‘overly successful’. Push that envelope anyway.
  2. Learn how to say ‘NO’, it doesn’t make you selfish or inconsiderate. You are not required to burn yourself out so others can enjoy life. Don’t waste time over-explaining or feeling guilty for setting boundaries. ‘’No’’ sometimes is a full sentence.
  3. Romanticize your life, it’s the only life you have. Be extra if that’s what you like and there is no such thing as being overdressed if you fit in with the occasion.
  4. Avoid sounding unsure; say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t allow yourself to be inconvenienced against your will unless there’s a sound lesson to learn and always respond accordingly.
  5.  Study and invest in yourself as well as your career so that you can be self-sufficient to a certain degree. A man giving you stuff should be a bonus on what you already have; it is not lady like to beg all the time.
  6. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you deserve. Be polite and well mannered, but practise being more direct. Ask for what you deserve or have earned with the same ease you would ask for a cup of tea.
  7. Don’t wait till you have ‘’enough’’ to do certain things. Not having it all together is not an excuse to not enjoy life. Tick off at least one restaurant, pair of shoes and dress in your screenshots.
  8. Go out on as many dates as you can without having expectations. You will learn a lot, meet interesting people and probably meet your soul mate.
  9. Be nice, compliment other ladies, make small talks and laugh with strangers at the grocery aisle or even talk to the cashiers. Just be nice all round.
  10. Walk into every room like you belong there; dress well, hydrate, workout, eat and live intentionally.
  11. Invest in constructive friendships.
  12. Don’t just buy into trends just because everyone is doing it, it’s okay to be different as long as you look good. The key is to know what works for you and what does not.
  13. Find hobbies that you can do with friends and hobbies you can do solo which can increase your quality of life and make you happy. It’s equally important to find community as it is to fall in love with your own company.
  14. Always have your hair and nails neat according to your taste and invest in good quality perfume and skin care products that you can afford.
  15. Be unapologetic about the moves you are making to achieve your dreams. The noise will be there but as long as you are growing positively and not hurting anyone, chase those dreams. Be kind to others but have boundaries.
  16. Don’t be scared to be a lady and feminine. It is your power, be softer, gentler. Wear softer colours and pastels, dresses and heels. It is okay to be the soft spoken in the group.
  17. In life you’re always in the middle, always above someone and always below someone so don’t be jealous of others progress but appreciate your little steps.
  18. Manners go along way so don’t forget the magic words – please and thank you.
  19. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Buy yourself flowers, make your favourite restaurant meal at home, splurge on designer sunglasses or perfume. Upgrade your life according to what’s within your means.
  20. Greet people, its good manners.

Finally, social media is not your enemy, it’s something you control. So, make it a point to look out for what is useful to you, and block out content that doesn’t befit your values and goals. Learn and re-learn because it is a process that never stops.


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