Squats: The magic for a toned lower body

Every woman dreams to have a perfect body, if you don’t, at least you admire a well-built slim waist, a well-shaped rear and a healthy body. Usually, most women who have all this have put in some extra hours at the gym, but we can’t rule out the naturally gifted.

“Squats are the magic to erase cellulite,’’ Kiconco Grace, a mother working from home, testifies to the benefits.

She praises this one workout that experts recommend for building lower body muscles, yet for her it helped erase cellulite that had taken away her freedom to wear shorts.

Ultimately, squats don’t require a lot of work or equipment which makes it even more convenient.

Megan Kihumuro a fitness trainers stresses that workouts are practical and imitate daily life.

“In this case, squats are the best example of functional workout because they target the muscles in your lower body and are essential for building a robust and balanced physique,’’ she says.

As infants we must squat before we stand and eventually walk, yet as adults we avoid squatting at all costs. And now we must rediscover how to do it correctly because if done wrongly, this exercise can result in pain and injury.

Here is a step-to-step guide on how to squat correctly.

How do I know I’m doing the squats correctly?

Usually if you’re squatting the right way, you will know by the way you stand back up. If you can stand back up without leaning forward and using momentum to get up then you’re doing it well.

Alternatively use a chair or a wall to test how low you can go, by observing how your bottom touches the chair.

Tip: If your goal is to get a full body workout, perform the kettle bell squat.

What is the difference between a regular and a kettle bell squat?

Unlike regular squats, kettle bell squats engage legs, back, arms, shoulders and core.

With kettlebell squats, you hold the whole weight out working all the major muscle parts of the body.

Start with a kettle bell of 6 to 8kg, line your body with the kettle bell on the ground while making sure you’re in a natural squatting position.

Grab the kettle bell by the handle and lift, only loading your arm, leg, shoulder, muscles and not the back.

The kettlebell handle should be at your chin position. Then lower into your hips keeping your gaze forward and the rest upright.

Count up to three seconds while holding down, press your feet on the floor to return to standing position and repeat.

Simply explained, this exercise would be like holding a coca cola bottle while your legs are slightly apart and going up, middle then down and repeat.

How to do squats correctly

Step one:

Stand in a wide stance with toes out at about a 45-degree angle. The trick is to stand with your feet apart wider than your hips.

Step two:

Hold out both hands and, keeping the torso upright; bend the knees into a squat.

It is advisable to tighten your stomach muscles on an exhale so that your deep abdominal muscles are involved.

Step Three:

Lower as far as you can to imitate the action of sitting in an invisible chair, keeping the knees in line with the toes and your upper body as straight as possible.

Repeat this procedure at least 10-20 times a day. Make sure that you maintain a proper squat plan for quick results. Also, if you have knee issues, don’t go too low.

Benefits of squats

  • Improve Body balance
  • Burn fat and weight
  • Stronger leg muscles
  • Goodbye to cellulite
  • Improve your posture
  • Healthy joints

Overall squats are simple workout suitable for anyone aiming to build muscle strength, lose some calories and get rid of lower back pain. If done correctly, the benefits are numerous.


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