Start your day the right way

Perfection is impossible and life should not be lived according to manuals. However, how you start your day has a lot of effect on how you feel or what you are able to achieve.  Now that we are returning to normal after the pandemic, it is important to set strong, sustainable goals and work hard towards realizing them.

Building morning habits that boost confidence is one way to achieve what we set out to achieve. Mostly, it is about setting the intention to have the most successful day, an old tradition that has lasted centuries.

According to Brian Kasasa, a sports scientist, playing with your child is almost like lifting weights. He recommends this as a way to work your muscles in the morning, especially if you have trouble working out alone.

Unlike Kasasa, DrCarla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist and wellness expert, encourages a joyful attitude as a shaper of one’s day.

“While we can’t control the world, we have a great deal of control over our own thoughts and behaviours; starting your day off with a joyful attitude can change the tone of your entire day.”

A morning routine surely doesn’t have to be complicated. Its role is to brighten your day, lighten up the mood, give more energy, boost confidence, productivity and push you to achieve positive results in whatever you work on.

Here are simple tips on how to start off right every morning:


Count your blessings because a grateful heart goes a long way. Every morning when you wake up exercise gratitude by thinking positively, appreciating the things that may look obvious like being able to open your eyes and the beautiful sunrise. Positive thinking will have you charged for the best in the day.

Dress well

Dressing well will not only earn you favor but also help you get many things done faster. It can also go far as elevating your mood in a very interesting way; the colors you choose also greatly contribute to this. Bright colors make you feel cleaner, neater and happier. For women, a pair of high heels is a good addition to your wardrobe as it is a good essential for fashion and confidence. A woman in heels appears intelligent, intentional, and determined and inches taller to see the good coming her way.

Smell good

This is complementary to dressing well. Good attire deserves good cologne as an accessory or else the vibe will die out early. According to Christian Dior, a famous perfumer “A woman’s perfume tells more than her handwriting.’’ There is nothing more heavenly than a woman with an amazing scent leaving traces everywhere. If buying a perfume is expensive, opt for oil perfumes, they are much cheaper but smell great nevertheless.


They say prayer is important before you leave the house because you get to meet God before you meet the devil. However true this maybe, meeting the devil may not be admirable at all.  Because we are human, we go through so much that we get stuck into the past and thus prayer keeps us hopeful of better days and thus it is good to start with one.

Speak out positive affirmations

An affirmation is also used to mean emotional support or encouragement. Affirmations motivate, inspire, encourage us to take action and achieve our set goals. Here is how it is done. Make it a ritual and journal the results to access success. In the morning, look into the mirror and say “I’m beautiful, I’m loved, I’m blessed, I’m strong, I’m favored, I’m victorious and I’m going to have a great day.”

Write down your feelings

Journaling is another confidence boosting morning ritual. Writing down how you want your day to go and how you want to feel can aid your determination to achieve just that. For most creatives, it is another way of scheduling and planning in a less complicated way. Write the positive feelings and manifests on colored sticky notes and pin them at your work desk; tick off at the end of the day. Honestly, writing down your aspirations helps you to be accountable and thus inspired to realize them.

Play uplifting music

Music does not only speak to the soul; it uplifts your mood to go out feeling like a victor. It is imperative to ensure the right genre of music is selected.  Spotify has many playlists to make your mornings inspirational and easier but you can create your own according to what interests you. You could also listen to podcasts that educate.


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