Taking care of your makeup

When applied well, make-up will make any woman look amazing. Pamela Musiimenta, a make-up artist, says weather elements can render good make-up worthless, among other things. She shares more on how to take care of your makeup:

Keep the brushes clean

From brushing around your eyes to applying powder on your face, these tools are an amazing accessory. However, when not taken care of, they become a hub for bacteria that will cause infections. Proper care calls for washing the bristles often with clean warm water while avoiding pouring water on the metallic part to avoid rusting.

Start by putting shampoo on your palm and rubbing the brush over it to produce lather.

Then wash the brush until you start seeing clear and clean water.

Lay it on a clean cloth and allow it to dry.

Besides washing these brushes, it is crucial that they are changed at least once a year. “That allows for doing away with older ones whose bristles could be waning, hence no longer doing a good job. It also

works to avoid any infection that may come due to prolonged use seeing that brushes can harbor bacteria.”

Another important aspect is to avoid sharing brushes as this can cause cross-microbial contamination.

For people that use sponges in place or alongside brushes, the care is the same. It is also important that you allow them to dry after use.

Apart from the brushes and sponges, it is important to keep all your tools such as sharpeners, razorblades, make-up case, and pencils clean. Replacing tools such as razorblades is also ideal because prolonged use allows for accumulation of dirt, which will cause skin infections.

Weather elements

It is also important to ensure that your makeup is kept away from direct sunlight for it damages and melts it (especially foundation and lipstick). With time, it will not be as effective as it should besides making a mess in your bag.

While keeping it in a cool dry environment is advisable, avoid dump areas or dump air, as is synonymous with most bathrooms. This is because

dampness is a recipe for moulding, which will damage your makeup and consequently your skin.

Get rid of old makeup

Besides ensuring it remains in a good state, it is prudent to let go of old make-up. The most prone make-up is that which you keep in your handbag because it experiences various weather changes by reason of the bag being in different weather conditions. That makes it melt and cool often while it ought to be at room temperature.

The other makeup to let go of is that which has gone past its use by date. “While some of these may not have an expiry date, they possess a timeline from the time they are opened. Beyond that time, they must be tossed in the bin.”

With these tips in practice, you will greatly enjoy your make-up.