The best exercises for your butt

Besides the aesthetics that butt lifting provides, there is a plus that comes with adding glutes to your regimen. Samson Kaggwa, a fitness trainer says glutes will better your posture, reduce knee and lower back pain not forgetting helping you do your tasks better since the exercises allow you to move with ease. Here are some workouts to try out.

Clam Shells

This exercise targets the outer hip and glute muscle. Lay down on your left side and bend your knees at 90 degrees while your right hand supports your head. While in this position, keep your back straight in line with your shoulders, hips and ankles.

Maintain the back of your heels touching one another while you engage the core then slowly lift your left knee to achieve 45 degrees and as you do, your toes will move along. Keep in that position for 5-10 seconds. Thereafter, return to the starting position to make one rep (one needs to engage in at least 19 reps). For added results, add a band around your thighs so you put in more effort in moving your legs but also do more repetitions.

Lateral band walk

The exercise mainly works on one’s side glutes. It starts with standing with legs shoulder-width apart while bending your knees to assume a half-squat position. Thereafter, let your left leg carry your weight while the right leg takes a wide step to your side. Then move the right leg and resume the starting position.

Do this 8-10 times before reversing the movements to allow the right leg carry the weight. A total of two to three sets will do. However, for more benefits, place a loop band around your thighs and while you do this exercise, ensure that your feet are facing forward and the hips are leveled. Additionally, rather than skip around as you make the steps, take time to slowly make the side to side steps.

Glute bridges

Whether one is a beginner or highly advanced, glutes are ideal and the movement pattern never changes regardless of how complex the workout gets. Additionally, while equipment such as dumbbells can be used, it may be performed without equipment.

Lay on your back with knees folded, arms at your side and feet a little away from the bottom. In case you are using a dumbbell, hold it at your hip crease.

Then press your heels down while you brace the core yet push your pelvis area upwards by squeezing the glutes. As you do so, ensure the chest is on the ground. Maintain this position for three seconds before resuming the starting position. Do this 10-15 times in sets of two to three.

Dumbbell lift

With dumbbells in either hand, ensure the legs are hip-width apart while slightly bending the knees. Move the dumbbells to in front of your thighs while the palms face the body. While the knees remain bent, press the hips inwards then use the waist as the pivot as you take the weights towards the ground. When resuming the standing position, squeeze the glutes. Do the same 10 more times for two to three sets.

These are definitely not exhaustive but with research and advice from say a personal trainer, you will get what works best for you.