Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas to give this year

December is the holiday month and the time to give; most of us are saving up and preparing for the season’s holiday. We are headed into the jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way singing, great food, Christmas trees, joy and happiness because the son of God is soon to be born.

Gifting is an important part of the celebration of Christmas, probably because according to the story, the first visitors came bearing very valuable gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

There is also the Santa Claus tradition, where children believe that an old, bearded man brings gifts for well-behaved children on the night of Christmas eve, and in fact, parents take up the role and buy the gifts to keep the Santa beliefs and encourage good grooming among children.

Now that the season is finally here, the early bird catches the worm. Make your gifting list and rush to our 2022 best Christmas gifting ideas. We have compiled the most thoughtful gift ideas for women, men, Teens and Children.


Spa day

Women naturally love to be taken care of and pampered; the relaxation and feeling of being loved and cared for will make any woman extremely appreciative and happy. Book at a nice spa or do a DIY spa at home following instructions from YouTube. Invest in some scented candles and essential oils to make for a great aromatherapy session.

5 in 1 blender or Kitchen Artisans

Women spend lots of their time in the kitchen thus kitchen accessories and artisans are surely a good gift. A 5 in one blender that can be used to make juice, mincemeat, crush rice to make flour and make milkshakes would be a good gift option for that lady that spends most of her time in the kitchen. Other kitchen accessories such as a silicone tools, creative baking trays, a set of mittens and apron among others can also be considered.

Fashionable clothing/ accessories

The options here are innumerable. Options include purses, heels, boots, dresses, colourful scarfs, blazers and jewellery among others. Women tend to have a particular taste when it comes to clothing and accessories, so gifts will differ. Here, observation skills will be your best asset when buying gifts for a lady. In all, remember women love fashionable things and these easily excite them.

Handmade art piece/ cards

You can never go wrong with a homemade craft, because it shows effort and love. Often, people love things they can trace back to the giver, because of the originality. Stitches n’ Sews Africa online (Twitter) sells handmade Christmas cards with thread sewed on paper to make beautiful patterns. You can also get art pieces from the craft market on Entebbe road or Ndere centre. For low budget, opt for DIY and make your loved one a vase, or write a funny joke you share and print it on a shirt. Also, consider recycling some glass jars and bottles to make decoration items using spray paint or thread.

Self-care basket

Make it as personal as possible by including your person’s best things, could be wine, mug, bath things, scented candles, fruits, memory pictures, notes, sweets and small gifts to unwrap.


Air pods

Most people say men are very complicated to gift, but it is wrong because men are simple and appreciative however small the gift may be. Since men enjoy listening more than talking, air pods could come in handy. Being the World Cup season men and most men are stuck at home with screaming children, these will bring all the games to their ears.

Runner shoes

There is nothing exciting like gifting man things that bring out the masculinity in him. Runner shoes are probably the best since they can both be worn as fashionable weekend getaway shoes or early morning riser walkers.

Home cooked meal

When they said the easiest way to a man is through his stomach, they didn’t lie. Cook a sumptuous meal, set the table right and invite your spouse, partner or male friends for lunch. It will be the best Christmas gift they ever received.

Donation or contribution to their projects

This one applies to both genders; any person would be heartily excited and surprised to learn that you donated or funded their projects as a way of saying Merry Christmas. This goes beyond regular traditional gifting and shows someone that you believe in the success of their project.


Teddy bear/ character dolls

Children never get tired of toys, bears and dolls. The magic is in choosing their favourite character toy for example girls will prefer animation character while boys will prefer super hero characters. Children have an obsession for the characters they watch from movies because they see themselves in there.

Christmas chocolate box

This chocolate box is one exciting gift for many children and adults too. It is dated from the 1st of December to the 25th and each date has a small box with a hidden chocolate shape. The task is to eat 1 chocolate every day until Christmas where you all gather to eat the 25th chocolate special. This can be adopted as a best friend ritual and the essence is to teach patience.

For Teens, their hormones have probably caught up with them, and they may be very particular when it comes to gifts. But trendy things and big brand items can’t fail to please the. Alternatively, ask what they would like and a few books to encourage their reading skills.


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