Training for a smaller waist

Having a bulging midsection is somewhat unamusing for most women and they are willing to do anything to ensure that they get rid of it. However, oftentimes, the efforts do not yield much. That is not necessarily because the person is not doing enough but maybe there are several factors that may not have been considered.

For instance, Sam Kisekka, a fitness trainer says a better understanding of the muscles that make up this area and how to work them to aid weight loss helps a lot.

“For instance, this area is greatly affected by the butt and bust line. Therefore, the chest butt and core need to be worked on. That is essential because once the butt is lifted, it will create a big difference between the butt, hip and waistline. In regards to the muscles, it is important that the oblique and abdominals are worked on so they can tighten,” he says.

The abdominal and core muscles, when exercised not only become tighter hence a smaller look, but also strengthen the muscles which makes movement and stability possible. Kisekka shares some of the exercises that will make this a reality:

High plank

Planks are body weight workouts that use your body to tone it. Therefore, apart from not needing a gym to do them or any other weights, planks will strengthen your lower back and abs. “Though simple, this workout can be a spring board for several workouts. For example, in the high plank position, you can lift one hand as well as the leg on that side and push them to the back. You can also maintain the position and start a mini-jog right there on the ground interchangeably,” he says.

Nonetheless, the starting point is to be on all fours with hands right below the shoulders, straightened out knees and your toes supporting the lower body. Hold that position for at least 15 seconds then bend your knees to a kneeling position to rest. “It is in the working out position that you can do the earlier workouts,” he says.

Plank shoulder taps

In the same position, you can add shoulder taps as that will further strengthen the core and glutes. “It will also help you work your shoulders and arms,” he says.

With the high plank position, lift one arm off the ground and tap the opposite shoulder then return that hand to the beginning positon. Do that with the other arm and continue that alternating repetition for the next 30 minutes. “With those abs withstanding the strain that comes with maintaining that position helps in working the muscles and subsequently aiding belly fat burning,” Kisekka says.

Fire hydrants

While the above exercised the core a lot, fire hydrants will work the glutes while also rounding your butt. With hydrants, with hands on the ground facing forward, and shoulders right above them, and knees right above the hips while looking forward, the work out can begin. “Lift one leg, in that folded manner to reach 45 degrees above the ground before returning to the starting position. Do this for both legs for 30 seconds for each,” he says.


Stand with feet shoulder width apart, a straight back, hands stretched out and the feet must be firmly on the ground. “Then lower the body to the point of bending your knees as though you are sitting. Then return to the standing position. Do this for at least a minute,” he says.

Combining these workouts will go a long way in helping you achieve the slim waist achievement.


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