Transform un-used spaces in your home

We have grown up in homes where there is a lot of dead spaces. In most cases, we blame it on the architects and engineers who did not find it important to minimise empty spaces.

Most houses built in the 2000’s have lots of corridors and storerooms which end up idle, gathering dust and acting as dumping places for old dead electronics and beds.

Simon Peter Kazibwe, a Ugandan senior architect, and designer recommends formal and uncluttered house fronts.

“It is strictly saved for beauty and panache,’’ he said in an interview.

In addition, Arinaitwe Hedwig, a journalist and lover of organised spaces says it is paramount to utilise all the empty house spaces because it makes the home even more appealling.

Here is how to make the most of every space in your home.

Empty house corridors

With empty corridors just sending echoes and scaring the hell out of you when the power goes out, I guess it is time you change things a bit. Corridors can be transformed into home museums, gathering paintings that you stashed in the drawer, old hats with a beautiful wall color. This revamp will leave you desiring a chair to enjoy the view. It can even become your meditating space or yoga area, anything that works for your lifestyle.

Old cupboards/Tv stands

Cupboards are very common in Ugandan homes, although many people are trying to reinvent new designs. The problem is we are stuck with old ones which no longer match the standards of new interior designs. So then should we throw them away? Absolutely not! Old cupboards can be re-painted and used as house plant stands or indoor gardens.

The Garage

The goal is affordable and creative; don’t let the garage be the new hiding place for rats and mice. Transform it into a children’s play area, a lounge, meditating area or even a gym space. All you need is vibrant walls and good lighting to suit your choice.

Under the stair cases

A perfect space for a reading table and a vintage headlamp, all you need is to clean away all the spider cobwebs, re imagine the space, paint a neutral color and setup a getaway homework place for the children.

Front door step

According to Nicola Harding, a famous interior designer the front doorstep is a vital first impression because it is the greeting you give to your visitors as they come into your home. Potted flower plants will never go wrong when it comes to first impressions. Ensure your front door is not littered with welcome rugs; instead give it a touch of freshness with some colourful plants and flowers.


Not many people have balconies, but if you do, do not let it sit there as a store for old children’s toys and bicycles. Utilise that space as your sanctuary of refresh, relaxing and idea generation. You can turn it into a sip and paint venue, a weekend getaway retreat, or even a mini garden. Bring out your inner creative!


House ceilings are some of the most ignored spaces in the house, yet a ceiling can transform a home from zero to a hundred. High ceilings are beautiful but empty ceilings can be boring. Make use of color, wood and lighting to transform a dull old ceiling into a beautiful accessory for your house.


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