Uganda Airline gets new CEO

Since April 2021, when the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uganda Airlines, Cornwell Muleyi was sent on forced leave, Jenifer Bamuturaki was appointed acting CEO. After serving in that position for a couple of months, early this month, a letter from the Minister of Works and Transport, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala to the chairperson of the Uganda Airlines board referred to the presidential directive to appoint Bamuturaki as airline CEO.

Muleyi, alongside other officials were sent out of the airline owing to accusations of causing the airline financial loss. Thereafter, Muleyi was arrested and charged by the Inspectorate of Government for disobeying the Inspectorate’s orders. Additionally, his contract was terminated on the orders of the President, earlier this year.

Who is Jenifer Bamuturaki?

When the airline was revived in 2019, Bamuturaki was hired to serve as the Commercial Manager at Uganda National Airlines Company.  The hands-on manager, also often interacted with the media, on behalf of the airline.

Born in Uganda, Bamuturaki’s career spans more than 30 years, as a marketing consultant in the airline, hospitality and travel industry.

Though she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Social Administration, Bamuturaki has been in the tour and travel sphere and also previously worked with Air Uganda, where she was directly responsible for route research.

She has IATA certification in sales training for airlines, hotel sales, and marketing. That is, in addition to training in revenue management.

In 2021, Bamuturaki was appointed the acting Uganda Airlines CEO, a position she held until Wednesday, July 6, 2022, when she was appointed as the airline’s substantive CEO.