Why get a house pet?

According to static.com, there are over a billion pets worldwide. Approximately 470 million dogs are kept as pets and around 370 million cats. What is even more amusing is that Ugandans are cumulatively appreciating the concept of owning a pet.

Dr Martin Traguha, a veterinary doctor, says pets like dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

“Having a pet around the house helps alleviate isolation, especially nowadays when the rates of depression and stress are increasing,” he said in a media interview.

In addition, Dr Eddie Ekakoro, a veterinary surgeon at Makerere University, Department of Veterinary surgery, advises that pets should be kept out of the bedroom.

“Studies have shown that bringing dogs or cats into the bedroom can actually be dangerous to one’s health.”

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having a pet:

Caring for something other than yourself is fulfilling

As caring for a pet requires patience and a passionate heart, this is the easiest way of bettering oneself.

Animals are good companions

Human beings are naturally meant to have companions. Whereas this is the law of nature, the changing times have proved that loneliness is becoming a big issue in the therapist sessions. If you often feel lonely, pet cats are very good companions and enjoy cuddling.

Pets make life less boring

After a long day, a pet can help you unwind. Imagine going back home to an empty house and having no one to play or argue with. This is where a pet becomes a necessity; at least you can play fetch with it and send it for things like pens and others.

A pet can help you stay in shape and healthy

Usually termed as the lassie effect, walking your pet can help you exercise unintentionally, thus getting physically fit and could eventually lead you into signing up for specific workouts.

Pets teach selflessness

One of the greatest lessons pet owners learn is selflessness. A pet is more like a child, you have to feed it, plan for it and ensure it is healthy. You will find yourself worried when it is not playful as usual. Pet owners learn to be selfless because there is another being that needs to be taken care of apart from themselves.

Pets can help improve your social life

Oftentimes, pet owners draw attention to the look of their pet or how fluffy it is. It is even easier to make friends in a world where half of the population has a pet. It can be used as a conversation starter or even as an ice breaker between two strangers.

Pets can help boost your morale and mood

Spending time with your pet can help you feel more relaxed and stress free. Research studies show that spending time with your pet can activate and spark an increased level of oxytocin, the love hormone. This is the reason people with pets are attached and grow a special bond with time.

Pets, especially dogs bring security to a home

Dogs are majorly kept for security purposes but owners end up getting attached to them and keeping them as pets. Rottweilers and German shepherds are perfect for both purposes and very intelligent at that. Siberian huskies may also be a good choice except that they are extremely active and thrive in busy families.


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