Wonder foods that will keep you looking young

In most cases when you inquire about a woman’s age, they will be very hesitant and defensive to mention how old they are. Aging is part of every living creature’s life, and must be embraced however it shouldn’t be the reason for looking rugged. We want to let you in on the secret to aging well, looking young and healthy despite your age.

Anti-aging foods are rich in collagen, a structural protein in our bodies found in skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, nails, teeth and in all the connective tissues. This collagen element is responsible for making skin firm, binding cartilage muscle and bone and also supports other internal organs. In short, it prevents skin laxity and keeps away wrinkles from forming.

According to Jamil Mpiima, a nutritionist, vegetables like cauliflowers, cabbage and radish can act as anti-aging foods.

‘’These vegetables reduce the impact of toxins and cancers in the body,’’ she says.

According to scientific evidence, collagen is produced naturally by the body but as one clocks 25 years of age, collagen deteriorates and there is need for more supply.

Here are some foods that will provide your body with collagen and, keep you looking young and vibrant;

  1. Fish

It so shocking how powerful fish skin and bones are when it comes to solving anti-aging issues. These contain the most collagen to help keep your skin firm. Fatty fish like ‘’emputa’’, salmon and sardines are some of the most recommended.

  • Bone broth

Instead of throwing away those meat or chicken bones, throw them in a pan and let them boil with some tomatoes. Alternatively eat some ‘’Mulokoni’’ which is commonly served in restaurants all over Uganda. This meal is gold to the body because of the nutrients. It is rich in amino acids, minerals such as magnesium, sulphur and calcium.

  •  Egg white

Most likely egg lovers find the yolk more enticing than the white. But the egg white is a rich source of glycine and proline which are essential proteinogenic amino acids for collagen production. That is why it is important to include egg whites to your diet, if you want to stay looking young.

  • Fruits

Blueberries, Strawberries, Watermelon, Avocado, and Tomatoes are all rich in Vitamin C which helps the body build collagen. Fruits are very delicious and easy to eat that’s why they should be incorporated in as many meals as possible.

  • Meats

Both white and red meats are a good source of collagen. When buying meat, opt for connective tissues like ribs or slightly fattier pieces. Add red pepper to your boiled beef, as they also contain very good vitamin C. With meats and fish, you will receive the required nutrients for collagen production alongside other benefits.

Chicken and turkey is also a good source of collagen especially the bones. The skin, bones and cartilage are the best sources of this nutrient.

After all is said and done, remember no magic happens if you sit and do nothing, take walks, exercise, get the morning sun, smile and laugh more while keeping away from alcohol and smoking. Then, you will often have to answer how you managed to stay young looking.


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