Amid the Jan-worry, don’t skip breakfast

The old saying “don’t skip your breakfast’’ is not just a tale to make children eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day although most people may ignore this fact especially during this month when money is scarce and commodities are pricey.

Whereas you may want to save on food and money, don’t quit breakfast because your body needs a jump start of energy to function the rest of the day. You could have a heavy breakfast, late lunch and fruits at dinner.

Dr. Richard Aruho, a clinical researcher at Uganda Case University Collaboration UCRC-Mulago, says breakfast is “a very crucial meal.” He says it should be taken between 7am and 10 am; beyond which it is considered as lunch.

“When you are active, your metabolism increases and this means more food is broken down to provide energy (ATP), which is more like fuel for the body. If you don’t have a good breakfast, the body will utilise what is in reserve which the body stores,’’ he says.

He recommends a good breakfast, so as to prevent the body from struggling to look for alternative sources of energy during the day.

Scientific studies have found that people who eat heavy, healthy breakfast see greater weight loss and circumference waist reduction. This is because when you eat a large breakfast, you are likely to keep full for a long time and thus not get tempted to snack in between meals.

So, if you were considering skipping breakfast, here is why you shouldn’t:

It reduces the risk of disease

Skipping your breakfast can cause deficiency that could make it easy for illness to attack your body. Obesity and heart disease are some of the diseases that could be put at bay through making sure you never skip breakfast. Having breakfast regularly provides the glucose and energy the body needs and thus lowering the risk of illness.

It is a gateway to a healthy, long-lasting life

Food is used as medicine in Africa; the doctor will recommend carrots for eye sight and juice from vegetables which some call herbal medicine. Incorporating fruits, vegetables in a morning meal will heal the body naturally. You don’t need an hour to prepare breakfast, just some fruits, eggs, roasted nuts, a cup of milk or ginger tea or even some cassava.

It strengthens and allows muscle gain

The morning meal should be rich in protein; which is important for strengthening muscles.

Boost metabolism

While you sleep, the body is working tirelessly breaking down the food taken in during day, supporting the brain, memory, and allowing you to have a good night’s sleep. In the morning, the body is tired and worn out and needs energy. So, breakfast acts as an energy booster because the metabolism converts the food into energy.

Provides essential vitamins and minerals

If your breakfast and contains essential foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables, yoghurt, the body will receive vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living and healing.

Aids weight loss

Now that it is the beginning of the year, many of us have set goals related to weight loss. But make no mistake; skipping breakfast will not help you meet your weight loss goals. Skipping breakfast increases your craving for snacks throughout the day, and also speeds up the body’s insulin response increasing body weight.

It sets the mood and boosts focus

“A hungry man is an angry man’’; they say. That is why it is important to have a healthy breakfast because whatever you do at the beginning of the day, determines how your day will go. A healthy breakfast will set in a good mood and boost focus, for you to accomplish all the assigned tasks.