Feeling stuck? How to deal with everyday stress

Life challenges, difficult times can make you feel like you have lost a sense of direction. We live in a time of speed and time warp. Feeling stuck and stagnant in regards to life and achievements makes it even harder to deal with the roadblocks.

Many young people are rushing to achieve what they see displayed on social media, from posh homes to yachts, wines and trips, to finding the perfect, rich wife or boyfriend without considering the concept of seasons and time.

According to records by World Health Organisation, 200,000 homicides worldwide occur among youth 10-29 years of age each year, which is 42% of the total number of homicides globally each year. Homicide is the fourth leading cause of death in people aged 10-29 years, and 84% of these homicides involve male victims. Other crimes among youth include robbery, fraud and theft.

Peter Zziwa, a financial coach, says young people need to understand that everyone has a different time zone and that comparison in terms of progress is the biggest roadblock for the current generation.

“Friendship is a common field where we all play but the players play differently and there must be a winning and losing team,’’ he added.

He further recommended appreciating the footsteps that one has taken so far and, using the challenges as inspiration and instead of comparing with friends, it is important to enjoy healthy competition.

Here are some tips to help you eliminate the roadblocks and regain momentum;

Don’t compare yourself to others

Appreciate that you’re different and there is time for everything. Your birthday and hour is not the same as your best friend and so everyone is unique. Sometimes even the things you envy are not in your achievement plans. Your mates being married early doesn’t guarantee that you should be too.

Accept change

For most people adapting to change is one of the most tasking assignments, but change is often the key to progress however scary it may seem. Always keep an open mind so that when things change, you experience the change positively.

Take responsibility

When feeling out of control it is possible to blame others for your failures and current situation, but how you channel that energy to find the missing piece is crucial. Playing the blame game is only going to make the pressure worse because you may end up losing important relationships.

Detach from unrealistic expectations

Manage realistic expectations to avoid falling so hard when things don’t turn out the way you envisioned. If the job you applied for didn’t come through, don’t give up. If you’re looking for perfection you will probably end up with the imposter syndrome.

Cultivate a mind-set shift

Build a mind-set that views failure, setbacks and feeling stuck as learning opportunities. This way you will eliminate the risk of losing control of your dreams or dwelling on stagnancy. Viewing challenges as opportunities and this will help you feel less stuck and inspire you to bounce back bigger and better.

Detach from unhealthy relationships

Firstly, assess the situation and list the things that trigger the feeling of being stuck. If there is a particular relationship that makes you question your progress, limit interaction. Taking inspiration from them is healthy but if it goes to developing jealousy and envy, it is dangerous.

Live with intention

Create a vision for your life and let that be your guiding lamp. It is just right to look at life as a game and the winner takes it all. Honestly no one has two chances on life so make sure that you live intentionally.


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