Hate your love handles? Here is how to lose them

According to healthline.com, love handles are another name for the excess fat that sits at the sides of the waist and hangs over the top of pants. Also known as a muffin top, this fat can be a challenge to lose. They are caused by factors such as hormone imbalance/fluctuation, stress, sleep shortage, age, lack of physical activity and medical conditions such as hypothyroidism.

While there is no rush to get rid of them for some people, there are those like me who do not like the sight of this bulging fat at the midsection and are ready to embrace anything legit to get rid of them. Understandably, target weight loss is not easy or possible for that matter, a few cardio and weightlifting workouts can help in this pursuit. Therefore, for my counterparts that desire to get rid of this ‘bulk’, here are some workouts to do that have been prepared by top fitness trainer Brian Musungu:

Bicycle crunches

These will tackle your hips, calf, while also flexing the abdominal muscles. To do the workout, Brian says you must lie flat on your back with legs raised and your knees bent. “It is something akin to riding a bicycle only that you are doing it virtually, and on your back,” he explains. Then with your palms at the back of your head, raise your upper body to contract your abdominal muscles and as one cycling, twist from side to side. “Twist your left elbow to meet your bent right knee while pushing out the left leg. Then twist to next side and repeat this movement 10-20 times depending on your ability,” he explains.

Mountain climbing

No, we are not heading for some hill or mountain but improvising on our exercise mat. Starting from a plank position, though with the bottom raised a little higher, raise or somewhat push your left knee to your chest while leaving your right knee in position. Musungu says you need to hold this position for few seconds, say 10-15 seconds and then switch to the left leg in a swift move. Do these swift movements repeatedly for 15-20 times for each side.

The workout will strengthen your hip area, stretch your abdominal muscles and test the ability of your upper body while also training you in equally balancing your weight on both feet.

Side planks

Unlike the usual plank position, here, you will start with lying on one side, and using one arm to raise yourself. This arm is folded at the elbow, which is the pivot for raising and falling. You also need to put one leg on top of the other and maintain a straight line; shoulder to toes. “Raise your body and maintain the posture for 30-40 seconds before getting back to the starting position. Do this even for the other side and repeat the movement for 10-15 times for each side,” Musungu shares.

Russian twists

You will begin in a sitting position on the ground or exercise mat then bend your legs towards your chest. Thereafter, Musungu says you need to push your upper body backwards like one reclining then start twisting your torso to one side, say right and hold the position for a few seconds before swinging to the left. Do this for 15 times for each side. He adds that for more difficulty add weights to the workout.

While these are just a few of the workouts that can help you lose those love handles, maintaining a healthy diet is also paramount.


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