How to deal with cracking feet

Have you noticed dark rough patches on your feet? Are they peeling, cracking or changing shape? This article will give you in-depth information on the cause and how you can get rid of this condition.

Before you rush to the doctor, skin peeling is normal to some extent depending on the conditions. For instance, in a country like Uganda where the sun is always happy, it is often common because the feet are exposed to the sun, heat, stones, sand and other elements.

“Feet are prone to being the most soiled part of the human body. This is because all day we use our feet to walk and do many things like driving and so they sweat and attract a lot of dust,” Mutuzo Mishelline, a foot care specialist and founder of Spectrum Salon says.

She further notes that poor foot care can lead to hardening, cracking and fungal infection.

Mutuzo recommends washing feet daily as part of healthy hygiene habits to keep infections at bay.

Also, remember that almost all day we are on our feet walking and the constant pounding can cause scaling and cracking, especially in hot temperature environments.

But in instances where the following signs appear, immediately reach out to a dermatologist;

  • Discoloration- which may cause darkening, redness or yellowing of the skin. Sometimes smelly at the same time.
  • Bleeding cracks
  • Pain or difficulty while walking
  • Itching or wounds

Major causes of peeling feet

  1. Diseases

Fungal infection like athlete’s feet is one of the most common causes of peeling feet. Most people are not keen on drying their feet and in between their toes which makes good breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria and fungus survive well in moist and excess perspiration temperatures.

In athlete’s foot, fungus attacks and damages the outer skin causing dryness and scaling. People who wear closed shoes for long hours must ensure their feet are clean dry including socks, shoes and sometimes use feet powder to eliminate the moist. You must note that if athlete’s foot is not treated, it can spread to other body parts affecting one’s general health.

  • Type of footwear

Most women prefer open sandals to closed ones which is good because they bring out the perfect display of beautiful toes. But keep away strappy footwear during the hot season because the friction can lead to blisters resulting into peeling and later dark scars on the feet which are an undesirable sight.

  • Eczema

This is a very common skin disease that causes scaling, itching, peeling and dryness all over the body. The best treatment to this condition should be recommended by a dermatologist basing on your skin type but over the counter special eczema creams and soaps can be of good help if you can’t afford a doctor’s appointment.

  • Dehydration

If you’re not drinking enough water, your skin is likely to dry out which might lead to flaking. Water is not overrated; it is essential and should be your friend.

Now that you finally know why your feet are always peeling, let’s unleash the elephant in the room. What’s the solution?

  • Keep your feet moisturised

Remember that staying in the shower under shower gels and hot baths can strip the skin off natural oils causing dryness.

It is advisable to apply a cream or lotion immediately after a bath, to keep the skin soft and seal in the moisture. Pure Vaseline petroleum jelly is a good moisturiser, very affordable and works perfectly for the same cause.

  • Hydrate

This is probably every doctor’s best recommendation for dry and scaly skin. Keep your skin happy by ensuring that you take in the required amounts of water. 6 -8 glasses of water will provide the required protection.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a natural herb packed with healing ingredients and nutrients. Peel off the top and apply the gel to the blisters or scaly skin and watch nature do the magic.

  • Practise good hygiene habits

Honestly why should you watch your feet sole start to tear bed sheets. In Uganda, most bathrooms have a pumice stone which is used to scrub the feet soles and rid them of the scale, dirt and any tough skin. This process may also be referred to as exfoliation. Today, supermarkets sell feet scrub brushes which do the same kind of work.  Sandals expose the feet to a lot of dirt and thorough cleaning must be done to rid it.


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